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{{Medical Device
|Health Topic=Masimo noninvasive and continuous total hemoglobin (SpHb™) monitoring technology
|Health Topic=Maternal mortality,

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SpHb Monitoring Technology
Health Topic Maternal mortality
Classification Preventative
Scope Commercialized
Location Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America

Problem being addressed

Women in developing countries are at great risk of post partum hemorrhaging. Due to this, they often have to have blood transfusions which are risky procedures that often lead to death, particularly in underdeveloped countries.

Detailed description of the solution

SpHb is a measurement device that allows hemoglobin count to be monitored. In hospitals where spHb has been used, clinicians have had to perform transfusions 87% less than usual.

Designed by

  • Designed by: Masimo


Peer-reviewed publication

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