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Wanted: Students to make a distributed future with solar-powered open-source 3-D printing.
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Towards Quantifiable Metrics Warranting Industry-Wide Corporate Death Penalties[edit]

  1. Jobs versus Death Toll: Calculating Corporate Death Penalties - MTU News 14.5k
    1. 6k
    2. Eureka Alert 22k
    3. Democratic Underground 26k
    4. One News Page 153k
    5. Newswise 165k
    6. Science Blog 235k
    7. Eurasia Review 253k
    8. The Latest 350k
    9. Terkko Navigator
    10. Science Times
    11. Humanitarian News
    12. Medical Newser
    13. Yuba Net
  1. These Two Industries Kill More People Than They Employ IFL Science 5821
  2. These Two Industries Literally Kill More People Than They Employ Science Alert 8k
    1. Business Press News
  3. 2 U.S. industries and the corporate death sentence The Big Think 12.8k
  4. Researchers explore case studies focused on industries that kill more people than employed -Medical News 15k
    1. EIN Technology Today 56k
  5. Study: Coal kills more Americans than it Employs Green Optimistic 191k
  6. These Two Industries Kill Extra Folks Than They Make use of : Report Infosurhoy 237k
  7. Science: Jobs vs. loss of life toll: Calculating company loss of life penalties Report Infosurhoy 237k
  8. Do industries that kill more people than they employ have a right to exist? Sound Books
  9. Towards quantifiable metrics warranting industry-wide corporate death penalties Corporations and Health
  10. Talk nerdy to me Science Node
  11. Killer Jobs Daughter Number Three


  1. Dua Jenis Industri yang Paling Banyak 'Membunuh' Manusia MSN (Indonesia) 52
  2. Dua Jenis Industri yang Paling Banyak 'Membunuh' Manusia Viva Indonesia 810
  3. Tieto dve odvetvia priemyslu zabíjajú viac ľudí, než ich zamestnávajú Topky Slovak 3699
  4. Te 2 gałęzie przemysłu zabijają w USA więcej ludzi niż zatrudniają. „Szokujące wyniki” Focus Pl (Polish) 83k
  5. Las dos industrias que matan más personas de las que emplean LaRed21 118k
  6. 死亡者数 > 雇用者数 の2つの産業 Senkensoi (Japan)


  1. reddit

Policies to Overcome Barriers for Renewable Energy Distributed Generation: A Case Study of Utility Structure and Regulatory Regimes in Michigan[edit]

  1. Power by the People: Renewable Energy Reduces the Highest Electric Rates in the Nation - MTU News 15.2k
    1. Keewanaw Now
  2. Renewable energy reduces the highest electric rates in the nation 5,960
    1. LongRoom 190k
    2. Latest Nigerian News 11.2k
    3. Red Green and Blue
  3. Monopolies in Michigan fear solar, deliver some of nation’s most expensive electricity PV Magazine (244k)
  4. Power To The People! Michigan Tech Researchers Say Distributed Renewables Save Utility Customers Money CleanTechnica 16.2k
  5. Michigan researchers say state’s utilities ‘manipulate’ system to their advantage - Energy News Network
  6. Science: Renewable power reduces the best electrical charges within the nation Infosurhoy

Social Media[edit]


Green Fab Lab Applications of Large-Area Waste Polymer-based Additive Manufacturing[edit]

  1. Industrial 3D Printing Goes Skateboarding MTU News 14k
    1. Science Daily 2.9k
    2. Eureka Alert 16.4k
    3. TechXplore 76.3k
    4. Nanowerk 78.7k
    5. ECN Magazine 92.6k
    6. Labroots 110k
    7. Newswise 131k
    8. Zwoops 132k
    9. Space Daily 161k
    10. Bioengineer
    11. 3D Printing Progress
    12. Science Technology and Research News
    13. E Peak
    14. I Connect 007
    15. Live Science
  2. 再生塑料经3D技术加持变身运动用品 Finance East Money (China) 1056
    1. Info.21CP 45k
  3. Green Fab Lab: Using the Fab Lab To 3D Print New Things From Recycled Plastics 3DPrint 44k
  4. Michigan Tech scientists write recommendations for greener 3D printing 3D Printing Industry 71.9k
  5. Funding Makerspaces With 3D Printing? Fabaloo 114k
  6. 3D Printer Turns Recycled Plastic into Sporting Goods Design News 142k
    1. Flipboard 4.2k
    2. Quartz Share 2.8k
  7. Case Study: 3D Printer Using Fused Granular Fabrication – Cheap & Economic Efficiency 3D Printing 143k
  8. "Gigabot X" 3-D printer helps find new uses for recycled plastic Tv6 Fox UP 146k
  9. Engineers 3D Print Skateboard Using Waste Plastic - Industrial Equipment News 224k
  10. Gigabot X Prints from Waste Plastics Digital Engineering 246k
  11. 种经济环保的新型3D打印机 Materials and Testing (China) 254k
  12. Researchers Utilize Fab Lab To 3D Print Using Recycled Plastic - Manufacturing Talk Radio
  13. Tech: Industrial 3D printing goes skateboarding — (Report) Tunisiesoir
  14. Industrial 3D printing could soon be used for outdoor sporting goods The Edge
  15. How 3D Printing is Making its Way Into Outdoor Sporting Goods EE Design IT
  16. DSM and CEAD to develop new materials and applications for pelletized 3D printing 3DPrinting Industry 73k


  1. El color de los paneles solares podría mejorar su eficiencia - Futuro Verde
  2. Lightning McQueen achieves cool production rates through 3D printing - 3D Printing Industry 62k
  3. Játékautók 3D nyomtatással FreeDee Blog 5.3k
  4. Utilities Knew: Report Shows Power Industry Studied Climate Change, Stuck With Coal - Climate Liability News
  5. Boosting Open Science Hardware in an academic context: opportunities and challenges PLOS Blog 3728
  6. Steven Pinker's fake enlightenment: His book is full of misleading claims and false assertions Salon 4527
  7. Expanding Equitable Access to Experimental Research and STEM Education by Supporting Open Source Hardware Development - Gathering for Open Science Hardware
  8. Pourquoi vous devriez offrir une imprimante 3D à vos grand-parents Science Post France 48.4k
  9. Letters to the Editor - Pioneer Tribune
  10. By withdrawing from the INF Treaty, Trump puts America in grave danger - The Week 8.8k, All American Things
  11. How open-source designs for computer hardware could make us safer from hacking Stateside NPR MI 100k
  12. Vem äger idéerna? (Who owns the ideas?) (Swedish)
  13. Floating solar farms: How 'floatovoltaics' could provide power without taking up valuable real estate - NBC News 787
  14. Why solar farms of the future may float on water - The US Breaking News, Law Breaking News
  15. Floating solar farms: How 'floatovoltaics' could provide power without taking up valuable real estate - Sneak Peak Reports
  16. Leading additive manufacturing academics give insights into 2019 plans and review latest 3D printing research -3D Printing Industry 73k
  17. Joshua Pearce talks about the future of recycling Audioboom (Technotopia) 40.8k
  18. New Research Suggests Adoption of Solar Energy Ahead of Bio-Sequestration - Oak Tribune
  19. St. Catherine University: Researching Designers Work to 3D Print Fashions with Zero Waste 3DPrint 41.9k, Stampare in 3D
  20. Zero Waste Fashion – 3D Printing With Innovative And Sustainable Materials VTVOX, Women of Wearables
  21. Michigan Tech Prof Posts 3D Printing Course to Wikiversity Campus Technology 222k, STEAM Universe
  22. Michigan Tech’s Joshua Pearce launches free open-source 3D printing course 3D Printing Industry 73k
  23. Michigan Tech’s Joshua Pearce launches free open-source 3D printing course Long Room 185k
  24. Ako môžu zrkadlá zvýšiť výkon solárnej energie? Financnytrh (Slovak)
  25. Research finds 3D printed chemically resistant labware viable with low-cost printers Microfabricator
  28. Our special issue on existential risk to humanity - Häggström hävdar (blog)
  29. 3D Printing Quarterly Report - Q4 2018 JD Supra (on adaptive aids) 99k
  30. Are you ready for a future with printed cars and bamboo houses Blue Vision
  31. Cost Sensitivity Analysis Performed for 3D Printed, Open Source Infant Clubfoot Brace - 3D Print 50k
  32. How Sustainable is 3-D Printing - 3D Print 50k
  33. 国外著名院校都在做着什么研究?他们想要什么? (What research is done by famous foreign universities? What do they want?) Laser Fair
  34. การพิมพ์สามมิติเพื่อช่วยเหลือผู้ป่วยไขข้ออักเสบ Thailand (Arthritis)
  35. opens a 3D printing course for beginners 3D Printing Industry 71.5k
  36. Top Applications of 3D Printing in the Medical Industry Doc wire
  38. Levens en geld sparen: het potentieel van zonne-energie om kolen te vervangen Nute Sciences (Dutch)