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Sunhusky.png By Michigan Tech's Open Sustainability Technology Lab.

Wanted: Students to make a distributed future with solar-powered open-source 3-D printing.
Currently looking for PhD or MSC student interested in solar energy policy- apply now!
Contact Dr. Joshua Pearce - Apply here

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Potential lives saved by replacing coal with solar photovoltaic electricity production in the U.S.

  1. Shutting down coal plants spared 26,610 American lives in just a decade - Mashable 1,225
    1. Decommissioning coal-fired power plants saved the lives of 26,610 Americans in a decade Mashviral 119k
    2. Mashable India
    3. Ecoplanet news
  2. Study: Switching From Coal Would Save 52,000 Lives Annually In The United States Jonathan Turley 242k
  3. Mortality rates declined significantly in counties where coal plants closed according to new study, saving an estimated 26,610 American lives between 2005 and 2018 Daily Mail UK 222
  4. New paper says the closure of 138 coal-burning plants in the US saved 26,610 lives in America Infosurhoy
  5. The movement to renewable energy is irreversible Centre Daily Times 144.6k

Ystruder: open source multifunction extruder with sensing and monitoring capabilities

  1. Ystruder: New Syringe System Offers Feature Rich, Open-Source Multifunction Extrusion 3DPrint 73.6k
  2. Ystruder: estrusore multifunzione open source con funzionalità di rilevamento e monitoraggio Stampare in 3D

Micronutrient Availability in Alternative Foods During Agricultural Catastrophes

  1. A full-scale nuclear winter would trigger a global famine. A disaster expert put together a doomsday diet to save humanity. - Business Insider 238
    1. Business Insider Singapore 16.1k
    2. Youtube 2
  2. Un invierno nuclear a gran escala desencadenaría una hambruna mundial. Esto es lo que comeríamos Heaven 32
  3. This diet would save after the nuclear war EngNews
  4. Tämä ruokavalio pelastaisi ydinsodan jälkeen Verkkouutiset (Finnish) 193k
  5. A Full-Scale Nuclear Winter Would Trigger a Global Famine. Here's What We Would Eat Science Alert 5684

A National Pragmatic Safety Limit for Nuclear Weapon Quantities

  1. Nuclear war could be devastating for the US, even if no one shoots back The Conversation 2791
    1. Yahoo News 13
    2. Houston Chronicle 464 (169k circulation)
    3. San Francisco Chronicle 1.6k (164k circulation)
    4. Phys 5.4k
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    32. EDM Digest
    33. Wilton Bulletin
    34. Wall Street Window
  1. Nuclear War Could Be Devastating for America—With or Without a Retaliatory Strike National Interest 7041
    1. Yahoo News 13
    2. Yahoo Finance 13
  2. Op-ed: A nuclear war would devastate the US, even if no one shot back Navy Times 92.4k
  3. Your turn: The domestic risk of nuclear autumn 127k
  4. The scientist told about the consequences of a nuclear attack for the United States KXAN36 News NBC New York 382k
  5. The scientist called the possible consequences for the United States in the event of a nuclear strike The Teller Report 75k
  6. The scientist told about the consequences of a nuclear attack for the United States Buzz on Live


  1. Учёный назвал возможные последствия для США в случае ядерного удара Rt (Russian) 300
  2. Starting Nuclear War May Be ‘Devastating’ for US Even If No One Retaliates, American Scientist Says Sputnik News 739
  3. La guerra nuclear puede devastar Estados Unidos, incluso sin adversario atómico La Vanguardia (Spanish) 1316 (circulation 196k, 4th in Spain)
  4. La guerra nuclear puede devastar EEUU, incluso sin adversario atómico Europapress 8271 (Spanish)
    1. El Pais
    2. El Periodico de Mexico
  5. La guerra nuclear puede devastar EEUU, incluso sin adversario atómicoNotimerica (Spanish) 41.3k
  6. Guerra nucleare devastante per USA anche senza ritorsioni nemiche Notizies Scientifiche (Italian)
  7. Kịch bản hạt nhân nguy hiểm với Mỹ và toàn cầu Toquoc 53.3k (Vietnamese)
    1. VNNHANH 446k
    2. Docbao TV
    3. vntintuc
  8. سلاح های اتمی می توانند آمریکا را نابود کنند، حتی اگر هیچ کس به شلیک آن پاسخ ندهد Farsnews (Iran) 3237
  9. سلاح های اتمی می توانند آمریکا را نابود کنند، حتی اگر هیچ کس به شلیک آن پاسخ ندهد Ghatreh (Iran) 6509
  10. سلاح های اتمی می توانند آمریکا را نابود کنند، حتی اگر هیچ کس به شلیک آن پاسخ ندهد Bloghnews (Iran) 147k
  11. The destruction of Russia has proved deadly for US Hand of Moscow
  12. Konsekuensi dari Serangan Nuklir Konfirmasi Times (Indonesia)
  13. [Iniciar una guerra nuclear puede ser «devastador» para Estados Unidos incluso si nadie toma represalias : Centífico estadounidense] New Front (Spanish) 17.5k
  14. El científico informó sobre las consecuencias de un ataque nuclear para Estados Unidos :: Sociedad :: RBC Notiulti (Spanish) 240k
  15. La guerra nuclear puede devastar Estados Unidos, incluso sin adversario atómico Viriji (Spanish) 116k


  1. Tratado de No-Proliferación Nuclear 2020: ¿hacia una Crisis Profunda? Diaro Constitucional 210k (Spanish)
  2. 手机信号塔的辐射风险是否被低估了? (Is the radiation risk of cell phones underestimated?) Nei (China)
  3. The Maker Movement Unmade? Part 6: The Community Responds, Continued 3D Print 78.9k
  4. Is NASA a Waste of Money? Machine Design 45k
  5. Solar and the snow PV Magazine 154.9k
  6. Trump wants to invest big in nuclear weapons: report Raw Story 7.5k
  7. La impresión 3D o la apuesta por la sostenibilidad en la fabricación Intermpresas(Spanish) 42.1k
  8. 2020 energy trends affecting consumers Save on Energy 171k
  9. 3D Printing: A Technology of Degrowth? Part 13D Print 80.5k
  10. 3D Printing: A Technology of Degrowth? Part 2 3D Print 80.5k, NewsBreak13.4k