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Locally Delicious school solar dehydrator instructions

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Beginning in the Spring semester of 2011, Team SodHoppers joined together to work on a semester long project assigned to them by Lonny Grafman. Their client, Locally Delicious, gave them the opportunity to design and build a solar dehydrator that will be placed in a nearby elementary school. This design will ultimately reside in Locally Delicious's new book "Lunch Box Envy," enabling schools across the country to implement the design also. The general page for the Locally Delicious school solar dehydrator can be found here.

This page details exactly how to construct the solar dehydrator.

Instruction Manual

Solar Collector

Materials Required

Large piece of plywood
Stainless steel screws
Large sheet of copper(to the size of collector)
Metal cutters
2 x 4 wood
Insulation(recycled/reused common insulation)
Food grade sealant with caulking gun
Power drill including a circular drill bit
Large piece of polycarbonate 65” x 30” at minimum
Recycled window screen
Thumb tacks
Exterior flat Black spray paint
4 x 4 wood posts