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| 31.00  
| 31.00  
| '''Total'''
| '''Total'''
| '''222.52'''
| '''222.52'''
| '''265.31'''
| '''265.31'''

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Locally Delicious is a group of women collaborating on a new book titled "Lunch Box Envy." Several different Engineering 215 projects are to be included. The School solar dehydrator is one of them. Locally Delicious

Team Member Pages: Alisha Sughroue Mary Wooldridge Justin Thompson James Courtney

Objective and Criteria

Criteria Weight Description
Safety 10 This is defined as a structure being stable enough for children, having safe building materials for food quality, and having a completely finished project to protect children against loose material or sharp edges.
Cost 9 Design must cost less than $300.
Reproducible 9 This is defined as the ease of following the directions and constructing the solar dehydrator.
Durability 8 This is defined as having a structure that is able to last two to three years with regular use by adults and children.
Weather Resistance 8 This is defined as the structure’s ability to hold up against all types of weather.
Ease of Use 7 This is defined as a structure that has a design that is easily operated on a child’s level.
Efficiency 7 This is defined as the project's ability to dry food quickly and to dry the food to the operator’s expectations of good quality dehydration.
Aesthetics 4 This is defined as the project with a presentable and school appropriate design.

Description of Final Project

This project was to design a solar food dehydrator to be replicated by schools.


Table 2. Itemized Cost of Materials
Materials Use Quantity Project Cost ($) Projected Cost ($)
Small Cabinet Dryer Box 1 6.00 40.00
Screen Covering End of Solar Collector 1 1.00 4.00
Styrofoam Insulation Insulation of Solar Collector 4 1.50 60.00
Copper Sheet Metal Heat Conductor for Solar Collector 63" X 27" 40.00 40.00
Metal Roof Roofing for Weather Protection .97 tons 5.00 12.00
Insulation Insulation for Dryer Box 5'X 4' 22.82 22.82
Polycarbonate and Fitting Screws Glazing Material 10' X 26" 45.89 45.89
Screws, Sealant,Latch, and Polyfoam Putting together Solar Collector Glazing N/A 30.91 30.91
Tacks Securing Insulation 1 box 1.34 1.34
Caulking Not used 1 tube 5.84 0.00
Hinges For Cabinet Doors(not used) 2 packs 9.88 0.00
Hinges and Piping Cabinet Doors and Connecting Solar Collector N/A 9.27 9.27
Nylon Mesh Drying Racks 3 yards 6.08 6.08
All Lumber Collector Box, Drying Racks, and Base N/A 0.00 33.00
Polyvert Closure Set Glazing on top of 6 5.99 5.99
Paint Whole project 1 can 31.00 31.00
Total 222.52 265.31

Testing Results

How to Build

Next Steps