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Information on Linux can be found at Wikipedia. What's this?

Linux is a free open-source operating system which has been steadily gaining popularity in institutions and with individual users. It has been used and promoted particularly in developing countries where commercial operating systems are more difficult to afford. Check the external links for more information.

Choosing a Linux distribution

Ubuntu Linux was an appropriate choice for UTC Parras because of it's ease of use, free install CD's, and low system requirements (one install CD contains application and operating system software, whereas Suse Linux requires 4 install CDs). Ubuntu is more tailored to users transitioning from Windows, or who are new to computers. Even though Ubuntu is a new company, the product is based on Debian, the most popular Linux distribution, so plenty of software is available to be installed on an Ubuntu machine.

Which machines have Linux installed?

Ubuntu Linux has been installed on Maquina 02 in the front UTC Parras computer lab.

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