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=== Ethical consumerism ===
=== Ethical consumerism ===
[http://www.cohousing.it/ Cohousing in Italy] - Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:List_of_Fairtrade_settlements#Fairtrade_settlements_in_Italy|Fairtrade settlements in Italy]]
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:List_of_Fairtrade_settlements#Fairtrade_settlements_in_Italy|Fairtrade settlements in Italy]]
=== Food ===
=== Food ===
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[http://www.parks.it/Eindex.php Parks.it], portal about parks in Italy
[http://www.parks.it/Eindex.php Parks.it], portal about parks in Italy
=== Sharing ===
[http://www.cohousing.it/ Cohousing in Italy]
=== Sustainable energy ===
=== Sustainable energy ===

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News and comment


Shaking hands with the Mayor of Bologna, November 1 [1]

Siena starts the New Year as Europe’s first carbon free city, January 22 [2]


The historical importance of the Italian referendum and victory for the water commons, [3] November 27

Can Italy carry off its plastic bag ban? [4] January 3


Italy to begin ban on plastic bags in shops, [5] December 31


Sustainability initiatives

Initiatives by topic


wikipedia:LIPU, the Lega italiana protezione uccelli (En. “Italian League for Bird Protection”) is an Italian charitable organisation, founded in 1965 and devoted to the protection of the country’s wildlife with a particular focus on birds. It has a membership of 42,000 and is the Italian partner of Birdlife International.


wikipedia:Conservatoria delle Coste (Coastal conservation agency) (official name: Conservatoria delle Coste della Sardegna in Italian, Conservatoria de sas Costeras de sa Sardigna in Sardinian) is a Sardinian public agency created by the Regional Law N°2 of the 29th of May 2007, to ensure the protection of outstanding natural areas on the Sardinian coast.


Critical Mass bicycle rides in Italy

Environment quality

wikipedia:CieloBuio-coordinamento per la protezione del cielo notturno (coordination for the protection of the night sky) is a non-profit organization that operates in Italy for the protection of the night sky by promoting a culture of eco-friendly lighting and raising public awareness on the phenomenon of light pollution.

Ethical consumerism

Wikipedia: Fairtrade settlements in Italy


Farmers Market Italy

Free stuff

Caffè sospeso is a tradition in the working-class cafés of Naples where a person who has experienced good luck financially pays for two coffees, but receives and consumes only one, the second being left until a person enquires later whether a sospeso is available. [1]


The Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy has more than 15,000 co-operatives, which contribute over one-third of the region’s GDP. [2]

Low carbon communities

Siena carbon free 2015

Open spaces

Parks.it, portal about parks in Italy


Cohousing in Italy

Sustainable energy

RESEDA, una ecocoperativa solidale dove possono lavorare anche persone disabili. La RESEDA opera nel settore della sostenibilità ecologica e sociale, per la diffusione delle fonti di energia rinnovabile e le tecnologie appropriate.

wikipedia:Renewable energy in Italy

Trees, woodland and forest

petition: Help Save Grandma Oak! www.salviamononnaquercia.com



“ZAPPATA ROMANA”: community-run green areas, by studioUAP: About 50 community-run green areas mapped: little urban gardens, play yards, edible gardens and areas for walking, resting, or simply talking. Citizens and associations acting together to reclaim the abandoned areas in Rome.

Interwiki links

Wikipedia: Italy - Italy, Environment - Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano National Trust of Italy - Italia Nostra (Our Italy) Italian not for profit campaigning organisation, dedicated to the protection and promotion of the country’s historical, artistic and environmental heritage - Legambiente Italian environmentalist association with roots in the anti-nuclear movement

External links

Cittaslow Italy, (slow cities)

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