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Information technology

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Various appropriate technologies in information and communication technology are mentioned at the Wikipedia article on appropriate technology, and some encyclopedic articles are linked from there.

ICT in Africa

From a Soulbeat Africa newsletter (from The Communications Initiative):

  • The African Information Society Initiative: Africa's Vision to Digital Opportunities is the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa 's (ECA) work programme to use information and communication technology to accelerate economic and social development in ECA's 53 member states in Africa.
  • Building ICT4D Capacity in and by African Universities
  • Imfundo Project - Sub-Saharan Africa: This Department for International Development (DFID) initiative aims to transform the education sector in Africa through the use of ICTs. It is dedicated to finding new ways to improve the training of teachers, identify the most effective way to improve the management and support of teachers in developing countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, using new technologies where appropriate.
  • PICTA Bulletin: This monthly (online) publication provides information on activities of members in the Partnership for ICTs in Africa (PICTA), and news on ICT-related activities in Africa.

ICT in Asia

Computing and sustainability

Computers' mother boards[verification needed] contain heavy metals, and should not be disposed of with ordinary garbage.

Recycling of computers in countries such as China can lead to serious health problems, due to inadequate safety measures in handling toxic components of the waste.

VIA Clean Computing is a commercial site describing several initiatives to make computing more sustainable.

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