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*[ Wikipedia: Solar cooking]
*[ Wikipedia: Solar cooking]
*[ Wikipedia: Solar water disinfectation]
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[[Category:Hexayurt_project]] [[Category:Water_purification]]
[[Category:Hexayurt_project]] [[Category:Water_purification]]

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A substitute for Water purification plants and pipelines, or trucked-in water, achieved with: Solar water pasteurization.


Primary use of the cooker is to heat water to 160+F for the full day as a means of sterilizing both it and the container.


Build a simple solar cooker into the side of each hut using the same building materials as the rest of the unit (i.e., reflective insulation boards). 


  • Remaining issues, primarily reliable indicators that the water has been fully treated, are being worked on by a variety of groups.
  • Also, I do not suggest cooking on the Solar cooker as a core technology. General field reports seem to indicate solar cooking doesn't go over terribly well in many areas.

Cost & Materials 

The finanial model is based on $10 or less per household for one solar cooker.

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