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Hexayurt basic education

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Hexayurt Project Header

A hexayurt has a lot of surface area, and both of the materials we are considering are printable. This concept outlines how to prepare and print a basic educational curriculum on the hexayurt, with material for both adults and children. Material for children would be graded by height - small kids stuff at ground level, and material for eight year olds at the 4' height.

If we cover the inside and the outside of the vertical walls with text, and leave the roof blank, we get the equivalent of 600 letter-sized pages on an 8' hexayurt, and 1200 pages on a 12' hexayurt.

So what to print?

Well, let us first consider what is fast, and then we'll consider what is good. We could do a lot worst than pick a few dozen of the more useful articles from Wikipedia and other open-source materials and reprint them. However, there are some severe problems with this approach:

  • Wikipedia articles are long and boring
  • They are not written as how-to guides
  • They use a very large subset of the english language
  • Some articles could be just plain wrong and misleading at the time they were taken and printed

However, as a very basic starting point, we could do worse.

The how-tos from this web site might provide more targeted guides but we have none written at this time.

Another approach would be to try and get reuse rights to books like [Where There Is No Doctor].

In both of these cases, we are going to need to find a very, very high quality and professional team to advise on what material to print.