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News and comment


Finland Sets New Goal For Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions, June 11 [1]


"Finland is about to start using crowdsourcing to create new laws", September 20 [2]


  1. ThinkProgress
  2. GigaOM

Sustainability initiatives

  • Dodo, environmental organisation which aims to approach environmental issues in an open-minded way, trying to find new perspectives, relying on the power of factual discussion. Public events, discussion groups and projects.
  • Siirtymäliike Hämeenkyrö, Transition town

Initiatives by topic

Climate action

wikipedia:Climate change in Finland


Critical Mass bicycle rides in Finland

Ethical consumerism

Buy Nothing Day


Cottages and Allotments, City of Helsinki

Open spaces

Green Hearts, Park Walks in Helsinki

Sustainable energy

Finland's Renewable Energy

Wikipedia: Renewable energy in Finland, Finland National Renewable Energy Action Plan, Solar energy in Finland

Towards sustainable economies

wikipedia:Cleantech Finland



Helsinki Region Transport - Vehicles, bus and tram (English)


wikipedia:Finnish Environment Institute

Interwiki links

Wikipedia: Finland, Environmental issues in Finland



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