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Economic viability of SME Grid Defection Literature Review

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This page is the literature review for the project of examining the economic viability of grid defection for small to medium size enterprises. This project builds off of many existing papers and other literature reviews that will be linked below. The other literature reviews have been updated as well, this page is more for the collection and keeping track of the work that has been done by Trevor Peffley during Spring 2019 semester.

Hybrid System

A combined optimization concept for the design and operation strategy of Hybrid-PV energy systems

  • Optimization strategy for hybrid systems
  • Equations for efficiency and other variables in the hybrid system
  • Sizing and control setting decisions

A review on photovoltaic/thermal hybrid solar technology

  • Photovoltaic Thermal Hybrid System
  • Equations for performance of Hybrid system
  • Focused alot on the possibilities of PV for thermal applications

Analysis of hybrid energy systems for application in southern Ghana

  • Hybrid System consisting of solar, wind, and diesel generators in Southern Ghana
  • Sensitivity analyses, economic analyses (using LCOE)
  • Equations for power output for individual components in the system