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Empowerment Technology or E-Tech subject is all about technology. ICT is the communication technology such as mobile phones, telephone, internet, to locate , save, and send information or files. Empowerment Technologies is one of the contextualized subjects of the senior high school curriculum.It is is important for its innovative uses sufficient in our daily lives. Honestly in the first semester I feel so excited when i found out that we have a subject connected to technologies since I'm fond at computer or any technology matters. But I never thought that it will be this hard to understand and absorb. We have Sir Mik, our teacher in E-Tech he always ask randomly when he's tackling about our lesson and I feel nervous when he's goingto pick a student to answer he's deep questions. When it comes to his teaching skills, he can explain it through different unfamiliar words to the point i can't fully absorb it anymore. I tried to listen and focus, but still its no use at all, nothing enters my brain until the class has been ended. I expected that it will be just a piece of cake,but no its not. Encountering uncommon words from those topic makes me feel more exhausted. Another thing is, the schedule of our class meeting is totally the perfect time that you just want to sleep and rest. I feel so bored and sleepy at the same time but Sir Mik makes a way to remove the boredom who's killing us in the whole class, he often says funny things or adding his cool memories and relating it to the subject, for us to easily get his point and also, to shave away our unwillingness to listen and learn. As the time goes by, surprisingly I am learning little by little until I've completely understand the sense of it. Its not about memorizing all the words that comes out to our teacher's mouth but instead, its about how you interpret and relate it to yourself. I have learned the things that needed in understanding about the technology the safety use of it, and the whole essence of the Empowerment Technology,we must be attentive in using the internet because internet is a powerful tool that can help or cramp us in the internet world.  My journey in E-Tech is like a roller coaster. Even though there are many ups and downs but still I overcome the challenges and hardships in this subject. It brought me a lot of learnings and perceptions. All the things I learned is never be forgotten and will always remain in my mind and heart. And absolutely, this is the best and worst subject for me.