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E215 Introduction to Design projects

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This is the gallery page lists some of the projects done by Engineering 215.

Fall 2009 CCAT and Network for a Healthy California

The fall 2009 semester of Engineering 215 worked with the Humboldt State University's Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT) as well as The Network for a Healthy California.

Spring 2009 WaterPod

The Spring semester of Engineering 215 worked with the WaterPod to research, design, and build a system that completes a task to allow a number of artists to live sustainably onboard the barge.

Fall 2008 Full Belly Project

The Fall semester of Engineering 215 worked with the Full Belly Project to adapt their Universal Nut Sheller in the following three manners:

Spring 2007 Eco Hostel

This semester the students of Engineering 215 worked with Humboldt Bay Center for Sustainable Living (HBCSL) designing 6 model hostel cottages for the Humboldt Bay Eco Hostel using materials such as:

  • papercrete
  • aerated concrete
  • structural concrete insulated panels (SCIPs)
  • modern interpretation of a traditional Yurok plank house

Fall 2005 RCEA

The Fall 2005 semester of Engineering 215 worked with RCEA to develop educational displays for the general public.