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'''Crops''' are plants that is grown for [[food|consumption]], for [[herb|flavouring dishes]], for use as dye, or for medicinal or cosmetic use.
* [[Agriculture]]
* [[Horticulture]]
* [[Gardening]]
* [[Multi-purpose plants]]
==Other uses==
Besides their initial use, crops can also be used for other tasks. Indeed, one of the principles of [[permaculture]] is that every plant should have at least 3 uses. Is this the same as "Stacking Functions"?{{fact}}) Depending on the plant in question and the environment it is used in, these other functions can be:
* use as insect repellent: some herbs can also repel insects.
* shade: under a fruit trees can be a great place to sit, especially in summer.
* [[companion plant]]s: some plants can stimulate the growing of other plants
* enriching the soil, through [[nitrogen fixation]], organic matter or encouraging [[soil organisms]]
* forming attractive and fragrant flowers and leaves: these can be pleasing to people, and stimulate local biodiversity (attract/maintain pollinators)
* Some plants have more than one plant part that can be eaten; ie fruit aswell as leaves, stems, flower heads, ...
[[Category:Food crops]]
[[Category:Multi purpose plants]]
[[Category:Nonfood crops]]
==External links==
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crop
[[Category: Agriculture]]
[[Category: Agriculture]]
[[Category: Gardening]]
[[Category: Gardening]]

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