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* create or develop Location, projects or networks pages, eg 'Sustainable (Your town)', '''in this wiki'''
* create or develop Location, projects or networks pages, eg 'Sustainable (Your town)', '''in this wiki'''
* [[Participatory carbon budgeting]]
* [[Participatory carbon budgeting]]
* [[Participatory budgeting]]
* Participatory budgeting
* [[Participatory journalism]]
* Participatory or citizen journalism
* [[Street parties]]
* Street parties
* Local [[quality of life]] conferences
* Local [[quality of life]] conferences
* Community involvement weeks
* Community involvement weeks
* [ Micro-participation]
* Micro-participation
* Youth Forum
* Youth Fora
* [[Open source conference design]]
* promote and practice Open source conference design
* [[Open involvement]]
* advocate Open involvement
== Campaigns ==
== Campaigns ==

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Community involvement is used here as a term similar to Participatory democracy W, and more recent terms such as Open source governance W.

What communities can do

Overview, see right hand column for more

  • create or develop Location, projects or networks pages, eg 'Sustainable (Your town)', in this wiki
  • Participatory carbon budgeting
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Participatory or citizen journalism
  • Street parties
  • Local quality of life conferences
  • Community involvement weeks
  • Micro-participation
  • Youth Fora
  • promote and practice Open source conference design
  • advocate Open involvement


Why it matters

Community involvement is about people and communities being able to play a full part in decision-making, for example local decision-making, and so influence the decisions which affect their lives. It is also about community empowerment, for example through access to appropriate information and adivce.

Proper community involvement is not tokenistic. Instead it is on-going, valued, meaningful, provides extensive opportunity and is genuinely and extensively influential.

Proper community involvement is not about allowing mere comment on decisions that have already largely been taken. Instead it begins at the design stage, the very beginning of any project or programme.

Proper community involvement does not include measures of success being foisted upon the community, or worse still simply being ignored. Instead it gives a primary role to the community in judging how successful a project or programme has been.


Citizens data initiative


There resides in all populations a "mass of sense lying in a dormant state - which good government should quietly harness." Tom Paine [1]

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  • local information can be found, or shared, via our many location pages

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  1. Guardian review of Hilary Wainwright’s book Reclaim the State: Adventures in Popular Democracy, July 2003