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Community action for sustainability

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This page provides an introduction to the Sustainable community action wiki (sometimes abbreviated to sca or scawiki), and its (version 2) articles merged into Appropedia.


What the sustainable community action wiki is about

Information and knowledge sharing, but with a focus on what might be useful to community groups and active citizens interested in taking action to make their communities more sustainable and in support of environmental, social and economic wellbeing,

Types of content

There are 3 main types of content: place based articles, topics, and resources, all of which may be useful for finding contacts, making connections and networking.

Sca place articles

can include the following elements

  • Sustainability initiatives, which generally concern themselves with more than a single issue or topic. For example initiatives that seek to promote all or several aspects of environmental, social and economic wellbeing
  • Initiatives by topic
  • Resources, available locally or concerning the locality, including links to more extensive information, video, maps, infographics, apps for sustainability, social media links, research, funding information, etc.
  • News and comment, or timeline information. Brief or headline type summaries with links to sources.
  • More localised information, for example within a page about a country there may some further information about cities within that country.

Sca topic articles

Information about topics from a global or generic perspective which can provide a context for more localised information within the place based articles. These generally provide a list of actions or project ideas which communties can take or develop, and links to Resources. The articles might also include news and comment, or timeline sections.

The current list of proposed topic articles is on Sustainable community action/merge log

Sca resource articles

including calendars, video, maps, infographics, apps for sustainability, research, inspiring quotes, etc.

A brief history of the project

version 1

Started in 2004 on Wikia, formerly Wikicities, upwards of 2,600 articles but little updating beyond 2010

version 2

Started in 2012 on Wiser, to be about 200 - 300 articles merged from selected content from version 1

Sca wiki Q and A

Q What about integrating content more within Appropedia? A There's likely to be more of an effort toward this once the 200 - 300 articles have been set up

Further questions? Feel free to add a question here or on the talk page.

External links

Sca wiki (version 1): About this wiki, Why build Sustainable Community Action wiki?