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Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps

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Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps

How Make CCFL Lamp Cap

tools for fluricentic or CCFL lamp cap

(handmade) Wood turning machine or wood cutting knif

wood rasp

sharp knif

screwdrivers some sizes

hand dril


wood hand saw

metal saw hacksaw


measure tool

solding material

protective glasses



brace and bit or drill with bits of different sizes

materials fluricentic of CCFL lamp cap

Good quality wood like beeche wood

2x 1.5 liter , 0,5(?) US gallon Pet Bottle diameter 85 mm

Small peace Thin Tin plate 0,5 mm

solding tin

fishing thread.

reflecting chips bag plastic.

thick pvc plastic (pipe)uality wood like beeche wood

small tools for solding

Electric wire


2x working 12 volts Car working lamp or

Electric wire, Electronic ballast for 2x fluorescent lamps 12Volt / 8 watt

selfmade a Electronic ballast

Or to make your self a Electronic ballast,use some parts out of a broken 220/110 volts energy saving lamp.

CCFL lamp out of a old fax or scanner

It is posseble to use old (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) and electronic balast out of a old document scanner or faxmachine.

if you know more old produkts with a CCFL lamp please edit ?? If you know how ???, please edit this page ??