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Below are some thoughts that were background on the version of Energy cat as of the datestamp on this note: --CurtB 21:34, 11 February 2007 (PST)




BatteriesElectric lighting[2]Fuel cells
Grid intertieMicrocapicitors
Human power[3] Pedal power
Solar pumping • Solar vaccine refrigeration
Wave power • Wind power


Cookers Solar
Hydronic radiant heating
Insulation Strawbale • Fiber board • Fiberglass
Passive solar design • Refrigeration
Solar hotwater< • Thermal mass • Thermodynamics


Biodiesel • Biogas • Ethanol • Hydrogen

(Legacy categories)
Renewable energy



  1. there's some inconsistency here. A mix between sources of energy and forms of energy. Sources may be: human, animal, wind, water, solar, etc. Forms might be mechanical, thermal, electrical, light, etc. We have human and wind under electrical, but windmills can be used for, yep, mills, or for pumping, with no electricity involved. Solution? A more complete subcategorization by energy form, or by source, or possibly both
  2. Highlights the categorization problem. Need a "lighting" section
  3. Subcategories may not be needed
  4. Category:Biofuel already exists...