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Michigan Technological University (commonly referred to as Michigan Tech, MTU, or simply Tech) is a public research university located in Houghton, Michigan, United States. Michigan Tech is known for academic excellence in engineering, natural and sciences, computing, technology, and environmental studies.


MTU has several innovative programs that would be of interest to Appropedia readers including:

MTU graduate student discusses energy conservation in Houghton

Research Groups

There are also several research groups at MTU that specialize in sustainability, renewable energy, and OSAT.

Free and Open Source Offerings at MTU



  • Digital Commons @ Michigan Tech is a digital repository offering worldwide access to research, scholarship, campus publications and other creative works by members of the Michigan Tech community. This repository is a service of the Van Pelt and Opie Library. Free access to over 5000 articles

Free Data



  • Michigan Tech [Open Source Hardware Enterprise] -- A student organization dedicated to the development and availability of open source hardware.


  • The Physics Department sponsored a Research Experience for Teachers, which allowed the author(s) to partner with scientists and post-secondary students working in the Michigan Tech group of the larger HAWC (High-Altitude Water Cherenkov Gamma-Ray Observatory) collaboration on gamma-ray astrophysics. Free Lesson Plans
  • Crazy Smart Summer: Girls Build Robots To Help People - Invent with Open-Source Software


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