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International Mass Communication (JMC 330) is a course taught through the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Humboldt State University by instructor Jessie M. Cretser-Hartenstein. This course covers:

  • Comparative press systems and theories
  • Problems of international and crosscultural communications
  • International news reporting of foreign presses and other institutions
  • Survey of publications and broadcast systems

Appropedia Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to better understand the role that new media play in international mass communication and globalization from a grassroots level AND to employ your journalistic skills and adapt them to a global audience by publishing your own work on an international forum. The platform we will be using for this assignment is appropedia.org, a locally founded non-profit organization with global reach.

You will:

  • Choose a topic that interests you from your assigned/chosen country. The topic must be original, as well as relevant and applicable to Appropedia’s mission and our class. Your topic could be a specific project taking place in your country, a profile of a relevant organization that operates in your country, an overview of a city/region that excels in some area of sustainable development or green living, a profile of a city/region that has a specific issue relating to sustainability, etc. (see topics below for more information and examples)
  • Research this topic and compose a 300-600 word wiki article
  • Create a user profile and post your article to www.appropedia.org (see Technical Instructions below)
  • Make your page appear palatable and appealing with proper headings, photos, layout, etc. Be sure to caption your images and only use those that you have permission to publish (see Help:Images for info on uploading images)
  • Reference all sources properly with links (see Help:Footnotes for help on special wiki citation format)
  • When your project is complete, add it to the Selected Topics section below and submit the URL to your page via the Wiki Article Assignment link on Moodle.


Here are suggested topics/themes with examples of past projects below each one. Please pick just one theme and find an appropriate, focused topic from within your chosen country.

Selected Topics 2013

Please type your selected project and your username following the example format below:

*[[Example Topic Page Name]]
**[[User:JessieMisha Jessie M. Cretser-Hartenstein]]

Technical Instructions

If you are a student in this course, please do the following to start your project:

  1. Create a User Account. Consider using a name that represents you in a professional manner.
  2. Create your userpage using these instructions at JMC330 post userpage assignment.
  3. After creating your userpage, type a unique name for your topic (see the examples above) into the search bar.
  4. Click go and then create this page.
  5. Copy and paste the following into your new page:
    • At the very top of your page (including the curly brackets):
      {{JMC330inprogress|May 15, 2013}}
    • At the very bottom of your page (including the brackets):
      [[Category:JMC330 International Mass Communication]]

You can also add any other relevant categories, such as Category:Organizations

  1. Create the content for your page - include text of article, headings, images (remember that images must have the proper rights), etc. More help on coding is available at Help:Contents.
  2. Once your article and userpage are both finished, you will post your project under Selected Topics 2013 AND submit the link/URL to your page via the assignment page on Moodle to complete the project. You must do this in order to receive a grade for the work you've done.

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