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Car socket 12 volt

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Car socket 12 volt


What is a car socket?[edit]

Many different types of vehicles, including boats, cars, vans, and campers have a world-standard power socket on the dashboard.

It is possible to connect a specially designed cigarette lighter to a car socket. WARNING: Do not use this type of cigarette lighter for car socket extension cords, because most cords cannot handle the heat.

Other names for the car socket[edit]

Other names for car sockets include car adapter, cigarette lighter socket, cigar lighter receptacle, DC power connector, DC outlet, and car outlet.

What to connect[edit]

What can you connect to this socket?

You can connect chargers to laptop computers, mobile phones, PDAs, GPS devices, digital audio and video players, electric razors, portable spotlights, thermoelectric coolers or heaters. DC to AC inverter [Au query: DC to AC inverters are part of the list?]

How to make a car Cigar Lighter Socket female[edit]


With this system there will be fewer mistakes about the electric plus and minus polarity.

Many different types of electrical equipment can fit in this kind of socket.

This socket is a world standard DC 12 volt socket.


Cut Tinplate

Step 1: Take some tin plate and copper wire as in Figure ?. The sizes are in millimeters.

Step 2: Curve and roll the cylinder into the right shape.

Step 3: Solder the edges of the cylinder.

Step 4: Make this from beech or pine wood.

Step 5: Assemble [Au query: which parts in which order?]

Step 6: Soldering the plug

Note: make sure you solder the plus in the middle and the minus on the outside. Find the plus indication mark on the electric plus wire. Wire is marked in different ways. You can find more information about marks on the plus wire at this link: Low voltage connection basics

Step 7: Solder the tinplate and minus wire

Step 8: Hammer with small nails

Be careful you do not hammer the nail through electric wire

Cigar Lighter Socket female is finished!

How to make a car Cigar Lighter plug male[edit]

Coming soon link:

You can connect the car Cigar Lighter female socket to the :