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MY ENGR 305 project consists of planting indigenous vegeation on an eroding slope of CCAT, at Humboldt State University, for a variety of purposes.


Some introduction text and From a background with landscaping and gardening, I have chosen the CCAT Remediation Zone for my project. After meeting with the CCAT student directors, I have now began looking for native plants which attract pleasant insects such as butterflies, as well as insects that may benefit the environment in other ways as well. My first place to stop for questions will be at the Potawot food gardens at UIHS (United Indian Health Services) in Arcata. From there I hope to have a clearer vision on how far I will be able to stabilize and vegetate an eroding slope of CCAT.background can go here.

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Project Requirements

Preventing erosion, improving the environment with native and beneficial plants, and beatification.


Native Plants (and thier functions) to be listed as project escalates...


I have a limited budget from CCAT - the rest of my plants I hope to have donated.


Your discussion.

Next Steps

The next steps.


Your conclusions.

Contact details

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