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CCAT outdoor kitchen roof

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Engr305 Appropriate Technology page in progress
This page is a project in progress by students in Engr305 Appropriate Technology. Please do not make edits unless you are a member of the team working on this page, but feel free to make comments on the discussion page. Check back for the finished version on May 23, 2020.

Fig. 1. Before, taken 02/06/2020
Fig. 2. Before, taken 02/06/2020


This project will be taking place at Humboldt State University’s Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT) as part of the Appropriate Technology (ENGR 305) class in Spring 2020. Our team, Under One Roof, will be working with the center's three co-directors to retrofit the roof over the CCAT Earth Oven and the CCAT rocket mass cobb bench heater in their outdoor kitchen. As you can see in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, the existing roof is made up of two parts. One is the living roof, which seems to have been made in 2006. Learn more about that project here. The other part of the roof does not seem to have an Appropedia page, but looks like it is made up of a wooden frame with corrugated metal sheeting. We have about 12 weeks to design, prototype, and complete this project, starting the first week of February 2020. Due to our geographical location, in the small town of Arcata on the coast of Northern California, we get a significant amount of rainfall and consistently high humidity. This has to be taken into account in the design of any project built here, outdoors or indoors. This is one of the reasons why the protection of existing projects is so important.

Problem statement

The roof currently in place is not successfully protecting the existing project in the outdoor kitchen. The objective of this project is to make a long-lasting and well-designed roof to protect the cobb oven and bench, as well as to provide a demonstration of green building and the potential of appropriate technology to teach future students and community members. The goal is to create incentive to make the outdoor kitchen at CCAT usable and enjoyable regardless of weather, to prevent weathering of the current projects in the outdoor kitchen, and to ensure that they last as long as possible in order to continue making an impact on future generations, and inspire the people that visit CCAT.

Our Team

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