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Beyond Building Energy

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BBE were the first to introduce free system packages with the Government rebate and change the solar power industry in Australia. They are now leaders in the industry and are known for their affordable, quality products. The company has grown to include further off shoots that have changed the face of the industry. Beyond Building Systems is the parent company to Beyond Building Energy (BBE), Beyond Building Products (BBP), Solar Electrical Supply (SES), Sunny Roo Products (SRP), EnviroGreen and Fast Fit Solar (FFS).

Beyond Building Energy is more than just a solar power company, they are active in their local community, sponsoring grass root level sport teams and major leagues. They also provide free family fun days and contribute to various local charities.

The company doesn’t just aim to move more people to a sustainable energy source but to allow those in the industry to grow, allowing for more jobs and more opportunities for local communities.

Beyond Building Energy headquarters are based on the Gold Coast and have Showrooms in Tweed Heads, Mermaid Beach, Hendra and Chermside.

Hendra Showroom and Brisbane Office <display_points type="satellite" zoom=18 center="-27.416624,153.073588"> -28.202839, 153.544369|Hendra Showroom and Brisbane Office -27.417286, 153.073727|Beyond Building Energy Hendra </display_points>

Chermside Kiosk @ Chermside Westfield <display_points type="satellite" zoom=16 center="-27.383333,153.032556"> -28.202839, 153.544369|Beyond Building Chermside Kiosk -27.383757, 153.032384|Beyond Building Chermside Kiosk </display_points>

Tweed Showroom <display_points type="satellite" zoom=17> -28.202839,153.544369|Beyond Building Showroom Gold Coast|51 Township Drive, West Burleigh, QLD 4220 </display_points>

BBE is a global company, based in UK, Italy, and Philippines; and is represented through various global partners. All aimed at lessening peoples dependence on a monopolized fossil fuel industry and re-directing their power needs to free energy from the sun.

BBE is an active member of the Clean Energy Council Austral and Master Builders Association.

Contact details

Company Name Beyond Building Systems Pty Ltd
Head Office West Burliegh, Australia
Showroom 51 Township Drive, West Burleigh, QLD 4220, Australia
Showroom Unit 1, 370 Nudgee Rd, Hendra, QLD 4011, Australia
Kiosk Kiosk 5A, Chermside Westfield, Gympie Rd, Chermside, Qld, 4032, Australia
Phone 1300 152 871
Direct Dial Lines 07 5520 5112 | 07 5520 1116 | 07 5520 5136 | 07 5520 7112 | 07 5535 1745 | 07 5535 1302 | 07 5576 1504
ACN 128 030 302
ABN 921 280 30302

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