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Automated microscope stage literature review

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  • Open Lab Tools - U. of Cambridge - created open source microscope prototype that cost around US$800, whereas conventional microscopes cost between US$15,000 and US$80,000 [1]


Automated Microscope Stage Compare Spec Sheet

Name Price Description Travel Range Speed Repeatability Resolution Website
MS-9400 XY Automated Stage NA 8 25x75 mm slides at a time, means of controlling the X and Y position of the microscope stage. Uses closed-loop DC servomotors employing high-resolution rotary encoders for positioning feedback. Optional linear encoders improve repeatability to less than 300 nm (typical) compared to the standard 700 nm rms rating, and improve resolution to 50 nm. 225mm x 100mm Max: 7mm/s <700nm 100nm Applied Scientific Instrumentation
The H101A Proscan NA Adaptable most microscope or optical systems. Increases labor efficiency by automatically scanning specimens and storing points for later recollection and inspection. Ideal for scanning or inspection of slides, microtitre trays, semiconductor wafers, or metallurgical specimens in any sort of pattern. 144x175mm Max: 100 mm/s +/- 0.7um Prior Scientific
MLS203-1 XY Stage $6,799.00 (Note also needs a controller for $2,959.28) Drop-in replacement for manual stage that comes with the microscope, compatible with inverted and upright microscopes,requires additional mounting brackets and controller. 100x75mm Max: 250mm/s 0.25 um Thor Labs
M-687 XY Microscope Stage NA Only compatible with upright microscopes}