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* [[Eco-villages]]
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[[Category:Appropriate technology]]
[[Category:Appropriate technology]]
[[Category:Appropriate technology villages]]
[[Category:Appropriate technology villages]]

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Appropriate technology villages are places where people live with, make and demonstrate appropriate technology, i.e. technology for sustainability, affordability and appropriateness to its setting. They have similarities with ecovillages and some sustainability-oriented communes, and all these concepts overlap to a degree.

Real world examples:


Australia and Oceania


See also the Directory of European eco-centres

Latin America

North America

  • Open Source Ecology - Factor E Farm Facility
  • University of the Nations' "Appropriate Technology Village" in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii[1] (University of the Nations appears to be a Christian university focused on missionary work.)

Proposed examples:

  • A similar concept is Living Co-laboratories, developed by Marcin Jakubowski and Richard Schulte
  • ApTech Village, Bangladesh, "a supportive measure that plans to “show-case” technology to enable transfer of necessary know-how as well as building up of economic, technical, and managerial capabilities for the efficient use and further development of the transferred technology."
  • The Self-help Corporation [2] or Community Investment Enterprise is a way to organize people and resources that are excess to the market - allowing integrated production for consumption by the participants. Such an organization is uniquely suited to employ appropriate technologies as it solicits contributions of labor instead of contributions of capital. David Braden


  1. "In 1997 (Rus Alit) came to Kona to attend the Crossroads Discipleship Training School and the Project Development Leadership School. During his stay he helped develop U of N’s Appropriate Technology Village, putting in water systems, terraced gardens and aquaculture facilities"[1]

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