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Appropriate technology advocates

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This pages lists individuals who have invented appropriate technologies or contributed to their use.

See Wikipedia:Category:Appropriate technology advocates for individuals with Wikipedia articles about them; others are listed below.

  • Kamal Kar, development consultant developed Community-led total sanitation.
  • Dr. Moses Kizza Musaazi at Uganda's Makerere University Department of Technology, developed the Wikipedia:papyrus sanitary pad or Makapad. He also advocates other forms of appropriate and sustainable technology, including a waste-to-energy project.[1]
  • Dr. Kwame Oppong-Anane of Accra, Ghana. Has successfully developed and transferred appropriate technology to improve the welfare of women in rural communities in Northern Ghana, and trained and encouraged resource poor farmers to take up livestock rearing for poverty alleviation and income generation. Dr. Oppong-Anane's approach to agricultural development has helped to empowered women and had a positive environmental impact. [2]

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