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Clean boxes

I took this code from wikieducator:User:KTucker (and added different links) - I like the clean, compact look, and I can imagine using this style for boxes on the main page, maybe with a different font size.

Example links

If we use such a style extensively, we can make a new template to add to those at Help:Notices. Wikieducator has a template just for the style parameters, called {{round corners}} - that's another useful approach.) --Chriswaterguy 18:09, 7 December 2011 (PST)

Expandable sections

The expandable sections are also nicely done on wikieducator:User:KTucker - might be great for the main page. See my proof of concept at Appropedia:User experience/Dropdowns. (Needs to be on a page with __NOEDITSECTION__ & __NOTOC__ magic words, so I gave it its own page.) --Chriswaterguy 18:09, 7 December 2011 (PST)