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This is the homepage for Appropedia tech interns working from approximately May onwards (mostly over the northern hemishere's summer holidays).

Interns will work on one or more of the following:

  • MediaWiki
    • settings
    • extensions
  • WordPress
    • optimizing the blog
    • setting up a test forum.
  • Bots (mostly in Python, but Ruby and other language bots exist)
    • anti-spam
    • categorization and wiki-linking. This is an easier and more repetitive task, but very valuable. We have the scripts set up already.
  • Skins (CSS) - for the wiki and the blog/forum site.

Mentors: Mentoring is shared. Chriswaterguy provides general guidance on Appropedia's tech development goals, and pointers in finding answers when needed. Others are free to help out as well.

Tech advisors: There are several people who know about the tech things we're working on, and can answer questions and make suggestions. And I'm hoping that most of the questions would be handled among the interns themselves. Bureaucrat: Lonny holds bureaucrat status on Appropedia. He gives the final approval to changes on the live site.


Our way of working is open - anyone can comment, suggest or take on a task. The names above are simply those who have made a degree of prior commitment to being part of this team.

Join up!

Being an intern with Appropedia, whether or not it's a requirement for a course you're enrolled in, offers you a chance to learn as part of a team, while making a difference, making solutions to the world's challenges accessible and usable. It can boost your CV, your knowledge and your confidence.

If you are interested in joining the team, please leave a note for Chriswaterguy.