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These are not "official" voices of Appropedia. These are the efforts of some members of the Appropedia community, serve and connect.

About us

Did you follow this link from a social media site, wanting to learn about Appropedia?

In short, Appropedia is about Sharing Knowledge to Build Rich, Sustainable Lives. More...

Short and sweet: Twitter and more

@Appropedia on Identica[1]

@Appropedia on Twitter. (Of course we recommend you use Identica too - it's easy to do both at once).

Latest Identica/Twitter posts


Our blog is here - blogging about what's new on the site and with our efforts, and about [knowledge sharing], collaboration, wikis, sustainability, [ICT for development and sustainability], appropriate technology and much more.

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Find us at the Appropedia Facebook page and click join. This is a great tool for connecting and conversations.

On the other hand, it gives us little freedom with how we use, access our information and network, and some of us are hoping there'll be a free/open source version we can migrate to one day. But that's another story... (pardon the lecture).


Identica and Twitter

Appropedia's Identica and Twitter accounts are mostly managed by Chriswaterguy, long term Appropedia community member and one of the directors of the Appropedia Foundation. He tries not to get too personal, subjective or political, as the aim is to represent the values and interests of the Appropedia community. But all opinions are his own and may not represent the community.

Bookmarks are added from Josef Davies-Coates' Delicious account, and from Lonny Grafman's StumbleUpon account.

Note that there are also other Appropedians on Identica and Twitter, and an Appropedia Identica Group.

Please leave any comments on the talk page, or send a tweet (or a dent, as they're called in Identica) or direct message to @appropedia. Thank you!

Identica groups

There are many groups on Identica relevant to development and sustainability. You can search by topic, or view the groups that @appropedia belongs to (a mixture of development, sustainability, open knowledge, open education, and open source software topics).

Twitter chats

"Twitter chats" occur on a wide range of topics, and are listed on this spreadsheet. Some that members of the Appropedia Foundation and community might want to participate are below. For details see the spreadsheet link.

You can check what was up in recent chats using the links below:

  • [#CSRPR] Chat every two weeks on corporate social responsibility and green PR (Every two weeks 12-1 pm EST, Fri)
  • [#ICT4D] Monthly chat expanding information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D) each month with 3-4 questions around a topic of interest.
  • [#smNPchat] Weekly chat sharing marketing and fundraising resources for the 1-person nonprofit development shop. (12-1pm EST Fri)
  • [#ecosys] Project to drive social innovation in complex social ecosystems (Healthcare, Education) through web based collaboration. (9-11pm EST Wed)
  • [#aiachat] A community of architecture professionals, connecting via Twitter, to share ideas, debate, and collaborate. (First Wed of month 2-3 p.m. EST)
  • [#commbuild] Monthly chat that happens on twitter and CoverItLive focused on community building and community management (3rd week of the month, 4-5 pm EST)
  • [#femsocent] Weekly chat focusing women social entrepreneurs and those interested in making connections to support ideas that solve problems and provide opportunities for community growth. (BEG 8/18/10 3:00 - 4:00 pm EST Wed)
  • [#npcons] A monthly twitter chat for consultants to community benefit organizations. Join a lively group for insight, advice and sharing on topics such as measuring effectiveness, working from abundance, transparency and more! (1-2:30 PM PT, typically every 3rd or 4th Tuesday)
  • [#smchat] Exploring and driving the new social media paradigm. Be ready for a discussion that’s sometimes technical but always lively. We explore social & professional engagement using social media, the dynamics of online communities, and implications for organization adoption. Join the conversation. (1-2:30 EST Wed)
  • [#cmgrchat] A community for Community Managers to discuss tips, advice, common themes and projects. Discuss Social Media as a tool for the profession (2-3pm EST Wed)


Mostly the directors of the Appropedia Foundation, with some guest posts and interviews.

See also


  1. Identica is the main open source microblogging site, with some handy features, like Groups that you can read with your friends' messages. It has a great tech community, especiall open source people - and it links easily with Twitter, so you can post to Identica and reach both communities at once.