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Appropedia:Offline browsing

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Can someone take a site dump, and somehow read it offline? Yes!

Steps to getting offline access to Appropedia[edit]

NOTE: It's not clear if this works any more. Please let us know on the talk page if you try it. Also check #Alternatives, below.

This approach uses the Zipedia Add-On for Firefox. Concerns:

  • Zipedia is no longer found in Firefox's addon database. What is the reason?
  • It is claimed to work with Firefox 1.5-3.0. It's not clear if it works with later versions.


  • You are on a windows machine - the general steps are identical for Linux (zipedia works just fine on Linux) but you will need different software to create the .bz2 file


  • Right click on file
  • Choose "7zip"
  • Choose "Extract here"
  • compress .xml file to .bz2
  • Right Click on "currentdump.xml"
  • Choose "7zip"
  • Choose "add to archive"
  • Change Archive Format to "BZip2"
  • Click "OK"
  • Import to Zipedia
  • Reload Firefox if you haven't already
  • Click "Tools"
  • Click "Add-ons"
  • Select Zipedia
  • Click "Options"
  • Click "Generate Zipedia"
  • Select "Next"
  • The input path should be your newly created .bz2 file
  • The output path should be an empty folder such as "appropeda" in your "my documents" folder
  • type "wikipedia://wiki/Appropedia:CategoryTree" into your address bar

If you have any questions, hit up my talk page David.reber 04:51, 28 December 2008 (UTC)


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