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Agreed bot tasks

Uncontroversial or agreed-upon tasks should be listed here:

Routine bot tasks

Actual commands are in bold.

Most are currently performed by ChriswaterguyBot, but may be performed by any bot. Use appropriate care.

  • fix double-redirects: python redirect.py double (browse the outputs for anything odd, and manually fix anything that needs fixing.)
  • delete broken redirects: python redirect.py broken (Requires adminship. Be extra careful)
  • fix format of redirects to categories:
    • python replace.py -xml:currentdump.xml -nocase "#REDIRECT [[Category:" "#REDIRECT [[:Category:"
    • python replace.py -xml:currentdump.xml -nocase "#REDIRECT[[Category:" "#REDIRECT [[:Category:"
  • add "|{{PAGENAME}}" to category tags, for pages not in the main or category namespaces.


  • Correcting capitalization of headers, e.g. See Also to See also:
    • python replace.py -regex -xml:currentdump.xml "(== ?See )Also" "\\1also"
    • python replace.py -regex -xml:currentdump.xml "(== ?External )Links" "\\1links"

[check that this new regex version works]

See if this works instead - \l to create lower case of first character in a string

    • python replace.py -regex -xml:currentdump.xml "(== ?External |== ?See )(Links|Also)" "\\1\l\\2"

Suggested bot tasks

  • Wikilinking
  • Adding categories - look for text strings, to help identify pages for categorization.
  • common spelling errors
    • Adapt a bot from Wikipedia?
  • Tagging pages with apparent non-compliant capitalization
    • Maintain a list (possibly a hidden category) of checked pages that have good reasons for not complying,
  • Cancel this task, or replace these with updated templates? --Chriswaterguy 05:46, 26 December 2010 (UTC)place these templates on every topic page, if not there already:
  • Change header ==Footnotes and references== to ==Notes==. (==References== is a different kind of section - see Wikipedia links at the bottom of Template:Notes.)
  • Move categories to a new category name. A bot owner will run the changes periodically. (If you need it done soon, leave a message at User talk:ChriswaterguyBot). List categories below with links (from... to...) :
  • Every page with Category:Green living but without Category:Sustainability should be added to Category:Sustainability (but checked one-by-one. This is assuming that green living should be treated differently from other subcategories of sustainability, that it overlaps a lot. (Sustainability is more serious, perhaps - green living suggests a more specific readership.) Don't know if that makes sense... --Chriswaterguy 14:05, 20 November 2009 (UTC)
  • Fix improperly closed ref tags, which cause the bottom part of pages not to display. Is it possible to detect when a <ref> is followed by another <ref>, rather than by a </ref>, or by neither? (Maybe Wikipedia:User:SmackBot does this - it fixes certain ref errors.)
  • Replace {{tl|Wp sup}} with {{tl|W}} - use "-exceptinside:nowiki"
  • Merge Category Category:Derived content to Category:Ported content

Bigger jobs with a bot component:

  • Merge {{Browsetopic}}\n{{Newpageresource}} into {{cat header\|.*?}} Note: instead of \n use a more general space & newline term - maybe [[:space:]]?
  • change {{Newpageresource}}\n{{Putinthiscategory}} to {{Newpageresource}}, then manually merge those templates


  • Be sensitive to variations in spelling - some people don't like it if their spellings are "corrected" from American to British forms, or vice-versa. - (Can we use a dictionary that accepts both/all regional spellings?)

Simple search and replace


  • [[laptop: with [[OLPC:

Useful bots

Other bots we could use: