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Appropedia:Appropedians on Identica and Twitter

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Here are some members of the Appropedia community who are on Identica[1]

User Interests/bio Identica account Twitter account
Curtbeckmann Director of Appropedia Foundation; "neophyte humanitarian" @Neophytehuman @Neophytehuman
Lonny Founder of the Appropedia site, President of Appropedia Foundation, instructor at HSU @Toolstothrive @Toolstothrive
Chriswaterguy Director of Appropedia Foundation; watsan engineer; manages @appropedia accounts. @Chriswaterguy @Chriswaterguy
Vinay Gupta Creator of the Hexayurt, proponent of open design -- @Hexayurt
Jlhenry Founder of Ekopedia jlhenry newlimits
Open Source Ecology (managed by Marcin Open farm tech, replicable open source self-sufficient permaculture ecovillage - to transcend survival and evolve to freedom. @OSEcology @OSEcology
LucasG translation, Spanish, resilience - @lucasgonzalez
Jthiller Student at HSU - @jhiller
Dave Riddell Marine Science Educator, Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre [1]. @tentillum @tentillum
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People working closely with Appropedia on joint projects:
JDaviesCoates Founder of United Diversity co-founder of The Open Co-op and Symbiotic engineer at The Hub Peace Not War etc. Recently described as a "one man serendipity machine" and "digital Johnny Appleseed", have also been known as "fountain (of knowledge)" (by @tav) and "professional networker without portfolio" (they just didn't really get why I do what I do :P ). qopi on IRC @jdaviescoates @jdaviescoates
Mark Charmer Akvo, Dutch-English water NGO. - @charmermark
Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson Akvo, Dutch-English water NGO. - @bjelkeman
Liz McLellan Builder/Mod [2] hyperlocavore.com - a global yardsharing community - because everyone loves a homegrown tomato! @USERNAME @hyperlocavore
Mchua See user page @mchua @mchua

If you're a contributor to Appropedia (whether content, tech, or other) or work with joint projects, feel free to add yourself. If you're confused by the table format, just add your Identica or Twitter address below.

(Once we have Semantic MediaWiki installed, we should be able to replace this table, and construct a table using a template (userbox) on people's userpages.)


  1. Note: It's easy to set up Identica so your messages go to Twitter as well. Set up Identica account (strongly recommended to use same name on both); when logged in to Identica, click "Connect", top right, then choose the Twitter tab. Fill in details.