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This is a proposed Appropedia policy. You can edit it, or discuss it on the talk page or at the Appropedia policy discussion page.
For now, this should be considered an essay by one or more Appropedians, and not as a policy or guideline.
Note - the idea of having two types of admin is only my idea at this stage. Please comment. --Chriswaterguy 16:04, 12 February 2009 (UTC)
  • Any registered user can nominate a user for adminship - either another user, or themselves.
  • Specify: Visiting admin or community admin?
  • A guest or visiting admin (we need a better name for this) has experience with wikis, but is either still learning some details, or is not highly active with the Appropedia (not editing most days). This is a lower threshold, as some potentially controversial or disruptive powers are withheld.
  • A community admin is experienced with wikis and also very involved in the Appropedia community, and has additional "powers" - in particular:
  • to delete pages (except in a case of blatant vandalism, where the only edits are vandalism or reverts of vandalism - i.e. there is no content of value anywhere in the history).
  • restore pages.
  • to block users in anything other than a case of blatant vandalism.
  • The nomination is made at Appropedia:Administrators/Nominations. Registered users may make comments, each preceded with Approve, Reject or Neutral.
  • The person nominated must accept the nomination.
  • The nomination is announced in a more visible place, e.g. at the Village pump.
  • Consensus is required.
  • A "last resort" power by the founder (or co-founders?) serves as backup - including the ability to "de-sysop" or reject a nomination. This may never be used, but is an important safeguard against vote fraud (through sock-puppets, meat-puppets or other means) and against any other trends which are not consistent with Appropedia's mission and vision.

Other thoughts: