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Akvo ATOC - Conclusions and recommendations

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Project output[edit]

Note: The actual report as delivered verbally to Mark Charmer and Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson of Akvo in early 2009. The contents have influenced my blogging and wiki writing since then, and I am actively updating the pages (which are also open edit) but there isn't a specific category. The best suggestion is to view the pages linked from the navigation bar on the right. --Chriswaterguy

Chriswaterguy is planning to blog and/or write on the wiki on these topics:

  • Interviews for blogs
  • Structure and syntax in OSAT
  • What is appropriate technology exactly? What kinds of data, information, knowledge and wisdom are we sharing?
  • Usability
  • Dispersed efforts for OSAT - upsides, downsides;
  • how to having our cake and eat it
  • Open design licenses
  • Give interviews: Agroinnovations; Ian Woolf and/or John August; approach NPR/ABC (Aust).

Possible areas of further thought and study[edit]

  • Explore different software options.
  • Can elements of a design be broken down in a way that they can be tracked in a "history"?