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| [[image:BGPod.jpg|200px]]
| [[image:BGPod.jpg|200px]]
| [https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-81259 Boost Gauge Pod]  
| [https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-81259 Boost Gauge Pod]  
| [https://www.ecstuning.com/b-ecs-parts/ecs-vent-pod-boost-gauge-kit/001576ecs01kt/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkrr97t6c3wIVCz1pCh1E1AhDEAQYASABEgJlcPD_BwE Similar Product on Currently on Market], $155
| [https://www.ecstuning.com/b-ecs-parts/ecs-vent-pod-boost-gauge-kit/001576ecs01kt/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkrr97t6c3wIVCz1pCh1E1AhDEAQYASABEgJlcPD_BwE Similar Product Currently on Market], $155
| Cost to print: $1.25, Cost of Double sided Tape Used: $0.08, Cost savings: upwards of 80%
| Cost to print: $1.25, Cost of Double sided Tape Used: $0.08, Cost savings: upwards of 80%

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MOST Delta filament as guide.JPG This page was part of an MTU course MSE4777 OA and MSE4777 OB/MSE5777/EE4777/EE5777: Open-source 3-D printing

Please leave comments using the discussion tab. The course runs in the Fall semester. It is not open edit.

The RepRap motto is "wealth without money" - for this assignment you are to create wealth by making an open source design that has value to you. It must be 3D printable on your MOST Delta and cost less than a commercial equivalent (if such a thing exists).


  1. Design something of "high value" that you can 3D print on your MOST Delta
  2. Make sure someone else has not already done it - search http://www.yeggi.com/ and https://www.yobi3d.com
  3. Design 3D printable components with ONLY OS CAD packages (e.g. OpenSCAD, FreeCAD, or Blender)
  4. Upload your design under an OS license to https://www.myminifactory.com/ - include: Source files, STLs, a picture, and a brief description including costs and $ savings.
  5. Add picture, link to your MyMiniFactory page with name, commercial equivalent link+cost, and economic savings to table below (see example).
  6. Print component and bring to class


  • 30% Print quality
  • 20% Documentation
  • 50% Design (design for printing, aesthetics and function)

Automatic reductions: -50% no source or the use of non-OS software -10% per day for late

Table of Value


Digital Photo Free Design/Link to YouMagine Commercial equivalent link/Cost US$ Approximate Savings in US$
Skiset.jpg Ski Waxing System [1], $120 $115, Essay on savings
BTJ Oculus2.JPG Oculus fan [2],<<Closest existing fan system but requires modification to the headset. No commercial equivalent *Access to a soldering iron
  • 2x AAA batteries: $3.00
  • 12V radial blower fan: $3.00
  • Filament: $0.41
  • ~2 paper clips: pennies
Admitche BigMoney.jpeg Sony Battery Holder

(Future Charging Station)

[3], OEM Commercial Equivalent, $50 $44


IMG 20181212 181951.jpg AthenaII dial gauge holder No Commercial Equivalent No purchase savings, but it can save time when troubleshooting bed leveling issues.
AR1510RoundMagazineLoader.jpg 10 Round AR15 Magazine Loader [4] Commercial Equivalent, ~$133 ~132 Cost savings plus smaller range friendly size
AncientDragon.JPG [5] [6], Commercial Equivalent $5-400 (Scale and Paint Quality Based) ~$2.34 To Print, Endless use of model and blender knowledge for future projects.
HockeyShaftGrip.jpg Hockey Stick Grip [7] OEM Commercial Equivalent, $25 $1


Rcdriftcar.jpg RC Drift Chassis [8] Commercial Equivalent, ~$370 Print time of 40+ hours and ~2kg material ($25) 94% Savings
Nebostand.JPG [9] No commercial equivalent, close estimate is around $10-$15 from Nebo flashlights on amazon that have a charging base vs those that don't. [10] Print time of about 50 minutes and cost of $0.24 based on $20/kg and 12g of filament, an approximate savings would be around $9.76 if one existed for this flashlight.
Rotobrush and drill.jpg Ski Waxing Rotobrush Handle [11], $100 Overall Cost - $13.16

Savings of 87%

PapernetShim.jpg Shim designed for Papernet paper towel dispensers No commercial equivalent, but it makes the $60 dispenser usable Print time of about 1.5 hours at 40 mm/s and cost of $0.62 based on $20/kg and 31g of filament)
Image cctv.jpeg Smart CCTV NestCam IQ $300 Savings of $250. Can be programmed to work with Alexa, google home and apple Homekit
Ski wax scrapers.jpg Ski Wax Scraper Set Swix Pencil Groove Scraper ($5.95), Skinny Skis Klister/Kick Wax Scraper ($10), General Wax Scraper ($5.95) Groove Scraper (7g), Klister scraper (19g), General Scraper (20g) -> 46g total * $15/1000g = $0.69 -> $21.90 - $0.69 = $21.21 = 96.8% savings
Block Printing Press JRJ.jpg Block Printing Press Manual Block Printing Press ($54+) Total Print Time: ~6 hrs, Filament: .37 kg @ $7.40, Hardware: $6.00, Savings: $40.60 minimum
3DP ESkateboard.jpg Mostly 3DP Electric Skateboard Commercial Equivalent: Boosted Board Mini ($999) Total Print Time: ~20 hrs, Plastic Usage: Skateboard - 1200g Pellets ($2.64) Other Parts - 390g PC Filament ($9.75), Hardware: $269, Total Cost: $282.37 Savings: $716.63 or 72%
PWC Speaker Mounts.jpg PWC Speaker Mount Speaker Housing ($364.99 w/o speakers) total with speakers/wiring/electronics ~$500+ Cost savings of $420+
  • 3D Printed Mount itself costs ~$3, entire setup with two bluetooth speakers ~$80, more versatile, no holes in hull
  • Commercial equivalent mount ~$365, total with speakers/wiring/electronics ~$500+, holes drilled in hull
Encoder.jpg Encoder shaft and base No commercial equivalent available but cost savings upto $55-65 The total cost including material, machine, tool and manual labor cost goes around 60-70 dollars. Cost required to print both parts is about 3-4$
LetterK.jpg Wood Printed Letter with Lights Range $40 - $120 Total savings range: $32.12-$112.12
Sand Ram.JPG Green Sand Ram Could not find commercial equivalent that was not automatic but it does provide a cheap solution for small operations Print time of 5.5 hours and 175g material ($3.50)
IMG 3887.jpg [12] Commercial Equivalent $350 Cost to Print with Bearings and Screws ~$25. Savings of $325. Future Plan to use two position plungers and 3 piece design rather then 3.
Hexgrid Example.jpg Tabletop RPG Terrain Original Product no longer in manufacture, resale market is around $10 - $25 Savings is ~9$ per 6Hex
BGPod.jpg Boost Gauge Pod Similar Product Currently on Market, $155 Cost to print: $1.25, Cost of Double sided Tape Used: $0.08, Cost savings: upwards of 80%


Digital Photo Free Design/Link to YouMagine Commercial equivalent link/Cost US$ Approximate Savings in US$
Laptopstand.jpg Adjustable laptop stand [13], $80 $50
IMG 0581.JPG Trumpet Mute Stand [14],$14-$29 Cost about $0.60 in PLA material to make, cost savings between $13 and $28 depending on the product available in retail
Tableth.jpg Flexible Tablet Hanger by siranee Snuchitp (talk) 12:41, 7 December 2016 (PST) [15] or [16], $24.99 $20
Wedge close up.jpg Weightlifting Wedge By: Andrew McMichael [17], $17.95 $16
Final.jpg Multi-Tiered Jewelry Holder By: Kathrine Cipriano [18], $98 $95.16
200px Wall Mounted Heaphone Holder By: Christopher Ely [19], $10 $9
Headphone clip.jpg Earbud Headphone Clip By: Daniel Sullivan [20], $12 $11.90 == %98
Fourtharrowmount.JPG Fourth Arrow Camera Mount By: Ross Michaels Commercial Camera Mount, $39 Savings of $35.41 (90.7%) Printing Cost: $1.58 (filament) + 2.01 (bolts & nuts) = $3.59
Gascapgear.jpg Gas Cap Wrench By: John Laureto Gas Cap Tool, $15.95 Printing Cost: $1.03 (Assuming Hatchbox PLA @ $22.99/kg) Savings: $14.92
Closeuphockey.jpg Hockey Stick Holder By: David Swanson Hockey Stick Rack, $30.00 $28.53
C920 Lens Holder.jpg C920 Lens Holder By: Nicholas Kolean Lens Mount, $29.40 $29.36
Glass SLide Dryer.jpg [21] By: Logan Stetsko and Yani Beeker [22], $800 $775
IMG 1561.JPG External Hard Drive Hanger By: Andrew Houghtaling Hanging Hard Drives, Price Not available, Velcro Strips, $8.80 $8.30 (compared to velcro mounting method)
Switch enclosure.jpeg Switch Enclosure By: Nick Lanter [23], $50.70 $49.44
Push up grips.JPG Push up grips By: Shan Zhong Commercial push up grips, $20 The total plastic consumption is 152 grams so the total cost is just $3.24 based on the filament price which is $21.3/kg. The total cost saving is $16.76
Printedclinometer.jpg Clinometer [24] By: Ben Savonen Costs range from $25 [25] to well over $100 [26] Design uses 51 grams of PLA plastic. (In the photo, wood infused PLA was used, but this is not required). Assuming $23/kg this design costs $1.17 plus the cost of the M3 nut, bolt (20mm), and washer <$.10. Total cost: <$1.27. Savings of $21.73.
AR-10 ammo belt holder.jpg AR-10 Ammo Holder By: Zachary Verran Cost of similar product online: Range from $25 [27] to $65 [28]

Can be as cheap as $6 [29]

Cost of printing: 39 grams of filament was used with 20 fill density @ ~$30 per kg of filament = $1.17

Savings anywhere from ~$5 to ~$64.

Caa4777.jpg Underbarrel GoPro Mount By: Cole Aukee Cost of equivalent commercial product: $69 GoPro Mount from Cabela's Cost to print: 19 grams of filament at $25 per kg of filament = $0.47 + $1.04 hardware

Savings up to $67

Chess set 2.jpeg Abstract Style Chess Set By: Ricardo Reyes Cost of equivalent commercial product: $20 Commercial Chess Set Cost to print: $5 worth of filament

Savings up to $15 - $1,500 depending on the quality of chess set you're looking for

Shotgun Shell Holder Pic.jpg Shotgun Shell Belt Holder By: John CI Smith [30] $20 Savings of $19.43
Leeloadmasterstand.jpg Lee Loadmaster Die Stand and Accessories By: Josh Mucinski Coded in OpenSCAD.. Cost of printing: $3.91

Savings anywhere from ~$50 to priceless (saving a life/lives)

Caesar Knife Holder.jpg Caesar Knife Block By: Tobias Mahan [31] [32] $18 $15
IMG 20161207 145258922.jpg Snowboard Bindings By: Monica Fraser Medium Snowboard Bindings $150 ($11.70 per binding in printing with TPU and PLA, 23.40 for both bindings + ~$10 in nuts and bolts = $33.40 Total savings: $116.60
MwcurtisBMP.jpg Toaster Handle Replacement by mwcurtis [33], $37.43 $36.81
Sword.jpg [34] By: Alex Herbst [35] $50 No savings since there isn't anything like it at the same scale
Opensource Drone.JPG [36] By: Jacob Robinson [37] $450 Cost to print and build: Roughly $250, Cost to buy: $400+, total savings $150+
Camera Mount.JPG Adjustable Camera Mount By: Alexander Ciesla [38] $99.00 Filament Cost: $4.06 Hardware Cost: $11.32 Total Cost: $15.38 Total Savings: $83.62
Risch knifeSharpener 01.jpg [39] By: John Risch [40] $37 Cost to make is less than $1 for the plastic and about $5 for the sharpening stone
PhoneStand.jpg [41] By: Jordan LaFontaine [42] $39.99 Filament Cost: $2.84 Total Savings: $37.15
EZ Ski Boot Buckler.JPG EZ Ski Boot Buckler By: Elizabeth Held Commercial Equivalent: $7.99-$14.99 Filament Cost/Total Cost: $0.87 Total Savings: $14.12
Modular Cabinet Assembly.png Modular Craft Cabinet By: Stephen Krease Commercial Equivalent $18.23 Filament Cost: 90 grams totaling $1.71 per box. Purchase is x6 Total Savings: $7.98
Monopod.JPG Adjustable Shooting Stick/Monopod[43] By: Andy Jensen Commercial Equivalent[44], $50 Savings-$45.92 Filament Cost-$1.58 Conduit Cost-$2.00 Bolt Cost-$0.50
Laser Rangefinder Target SmallAngle.jpg Laser Rangefinder Target By Pierce Jensen No Real Commercial Equivalent, but Survey Markers Can Run Between 100 and 2000 Dollars: [45]: $149.95; [46]: $1950 Magnets(x2)-~1 (Had On Hand), Reflective Tape: ~$6-$10 (Had on Hand), 25g Plastic: $0.57: Total: ~$7. Estimated savings between 95 percent and 99 percent.
Tool holder.jpg Custom Tool Holder [47], $10.75 $10.18
Guitar Holder.JPG Guitar Holder by Mackspletch Mackspletch (talk) 1:05, 8 December 2016 (PST) [48], $36.00 $35
CommandHooks.jpeg Command Hook Equivalents for Med,Large, and Jumbo[49] [50], $2.25 2.26 and 6.34 respectively $2.13 $2.45 and $6.34, Pre-existing hooks in my house 10 mediums, 3 larges, and 2 Jumbos potential savings:41$
Compound Bow Balancer Assembled.jpg Compound Bow Balancer Kerautio (talk) 07:41, 8 December 2016 (PST) [51], $289.99 Purchased Components: $16.91

Printed Components: $4.42

Total Cost: $21.33

Savings = $268.66

Shooting rest.jpg Adjustable Shooting Rest mcbrand Commercial Equivalent, $29.99 $22.55
200px Ice Screw Holder vmmclain [52], $7.95 $7.79
Bottle Opener.jpg [53] By: [[Jcvieau (talk) 06:44, 8 December 2016 (PST)]] [54] $9.99 Savings of $9.51
BAC Koozie.JPG https://www.youmagine.com/designs/bac-beer-koozie Drhannah Cost to produce ~$50 No equivalent comercial product.
CupHolderParts.jpg Subaru Impreza Cup Holder Joey Fordahl No equivalent commercial product. Less than $2 to make
All five pieces for big money project.jpeg Tool bag gift set MatthewPollack Matthew Pollack [55], $25.99 Savings of about $22.00
Oven Knob.jpg Oven Stove Adjustment Knob By: Kyle Price [56], $3 Saved about $2.50
Track IR track clip.jpg TrackIR Headpiece By: Chrissy Kaub [57], $43 Saved about $30


Digital Photo Free Design/Link to Libre3D Commercial equivalent/Cost Approximate Savings in US$
Acoustic Phone Holder.jpg Acoustic Phone Holder [58], $50 $45
Doublebanana.jpg Double Banana Hook Bllafata (talk) 06:53, 19 November 2015 (PST) [59], ~$17 $7 (not counting the cost of importing and time)
Uni-Troll Base.jpg Uni-Troll Downrigger Base By: Connor Kmiec [60], $23.99 $21.76
Free Float Handguard.jpg AR15 Freefloat Handguard By: Austin Ketterhagen [61], $99.99 $97.66
SkiWaxingVises.jpg Ski Waxing Vises By: Matthew Andres Power Pro Vise, $269.99 $233.96
BlowBackNozzleInternals.jpg Prototype Reciprocating Blowback Nozzle Typical Nozzle $25-85 $24-$84
Table saw insert.jpg Delta Minimal Clearance Table Saw Insert By: Paul StLouis [62], $33.23 $29.10
Cellphone Car Cup Holder.jpeg Cellphone Car Cup Holder WayneHelminen (talk) 18:53, 9 December 2015 (PST) [63], $13 ~$9
Pong Paddle.jpeg Ping Pong Paddle [64], ~$6.49, for standard paddle $5.20, plus never needing another paddle again!!!!!!!
Glasses clip.jpg Desk or Car Glasses Clip Accessory, User:Thomas Korejsza Cost of plastic $0.41 [65], Visor Clip $12.90 $12.49
Earring holder.jpeg Earring holder Earring holder User:Dhwani (talk) ~$32 ~$31
Microwave Gears.jpg Microwave Gear Replacement Parts [66], $2.80 $2.60
Bottle Tree Assembly.jpg Bottle Drying Tree By: Robert Arden ~$20 ~$18
IMAG0389.jpg Euchre Score Board By: Hjhunt ~$10.00 ~$9.06
Coat hook with slider base.jpg Coat Hook with slider base

By: Handychandra7 (talk)

Depends on the material, ranging from $20 - $80 100 grams of PLA for ~$2, saving from $18 - $79 (90% - 97.5% savings)
20151209 185134 HDR.jpg [67]

By: [[68] (talk)

the full assembly costs around $40, 37 minutes to print, 5 minutes to clean part 12 grams of PLA for ~$0.30, savings around $39.70
9vbatterybox.jpg Duel 9V Battery Box By: Mike Hartl [69], $30 $28
Beerholder.jpg Beerholder on Libre3D & Can Holder on Thingiverse with FreeCAD file Comparable Bottle Holder, $9.99 61 grams of PLA for about 1.65 resulting in cost savings of $8.34
Potatomasher.jpg Potato Masher By: Ethan Marshall Commercial Potato Masher, $8.50 Cost of Printed Potato Masher is $0.61, Total Cost Savings is $7.89
Cat6Audio.jpg Cat6 Audio End Point By:Paul Bristol [70], $360 Cost of End Point: $43, Total Cost Savings: $317
With ties.JPG Necktie Hanger By:Tyler Ernest Tie Hanger, $16.29 $15.65
Toothbrush holder.jpg Toothbrush holder By: Erik Bain Commercial Equivalent, $7.59 Cost of toothbrush holder: $1.03, Total Cost Savings: $6.56
Phone Mount 4.jpg Longboard Phone Mount By:William Venis GOPRO SKATEBOARD RISER MOUNT, $31.58

Aluminum Alloy Skateboard Mount Holder for Gopro, $6.64

Cost of printed phone mount: $0.69, Total Cost Savings: $5.95 - $30.90
Modular Wine Rack.JPG Modular Wine Rack By:Kevin Sunderland Modular Wine Rack -low end, $29.99

- Modular Wine Rack - high end, $119.95

Cost of printed Modular Wine Rack: $9.50, Total Cost Saving: $20.49 - $110.45
Variable Holder Clamp.jpg Variable Holder Clamp By:Adam Pringle Headphone holder, $19.99 Cost of Variable Holder Clamp: $3.93, Total Cost Savings: $16.09
Extended Razor Stand Complete.jpg Extended Razor Stand By:Klbarie (talk) 23:19, 9 December 2015 (PST) No commercial equivalent multi-razor stand exists. Some vendors make custom artisan stands, $60 Cost of Extended Razor Stand: $3.40, Total Cost Savings: $56.60
KIndlecase.jpg kindle case By:Ngtanike (talk) 00:16, 10 December 2015 (PST) http://www.amazon.com/Fintie-Kindle-Paperwhite-SmartShell-Case/dp/B009S2CXLK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1449735162&sr=8-1&keywords=kindle+cover, 15$ Cost of Kindle case: $3, Total Cost Savings: $12
Pocket Pegs.JPG Pocket Peg Triangle Game There is a larger size available to buy at wooden triangle peg game for,$2.69. I havent been able to find a pocket size version. $2.11 (78%)
Mossberg 500 Accesories.jpg Mossberg 500 Accesories Grip $19.95, Picatinny Rail $14.99 Grip: $15.49, Picatinny Rail: $14.69
Rachelcookiecutter.jpg Face Cookie Cutter Custom Cookie Cutter, $50.77 $50.54 (99.5%)
Toothbrush Stand.jpg Toothbrush stand By: Shyam Sanjeevi - Toothbrush stand, $9.99 Cost of Toothbrush Stand: ~$10, Total Cost Savings: $9 (90%)
Hockey Tape Dispenser.jpg Hockey Tape Dispenser By: Hannah Powers ~$12 (Not currently available) ~$10 (83%)
Ornament rgb led.jpg LED Christmas Ornament [71], $20 ~$13
Polish holder.jpg Rocking Nail Polish Holder Spill Proof Polish Holder on Amazon $11.45 $10
Autozoom mount.jpg DSLR Automated Zoom Mount By:Derek Chopp FFR-900 $249.95 $229.95
Controller holder.jpeg TV Mounted Contoller holder Commercial Equivalent: $20.00 Approximately $19.00
BatteryCup.jpg APX->XTS series battery adapter By:Matthew Zawisza NNTN8169A $51.98 $51.97
Coming Soon! 2-Axis Gimbal System By:Spencer Allen [72] $240 Around $50 in savings compared to the listed example, though my design is considerably more capable.
Bottle Scoring Tool.JPG [73] By:Austin Howland [74], $49.99 $41.10
ChocolateMold.jpg Customized Chocolate Mold By:Troy Johnston ~$40 ~$38
Hanger Hook.JPG [75] By:Zach Chenier [76], $5.00 $4.45
Multipurpose cell-phone dock with slots for stationery and a pair of specs.jpg Multipurpose stand for cell-phone, spectacles, stationery and tools By:Karan Dhankani Market Price(mainly because it's not easily available): $48 Savings - $46.5 (~97% savings)
Wheel andguards.JPG Longboard bearing rust, debris and water guard By:Pjgoreck (talk) There is currently no commercial version of a longboard bearing rust, debris and water guard. The model is parametric and can be fitted to any wheel size. The size it is altered to will affect the cost slightly. Plastic Cost: Aprox. $1
777 Big money Folding table.png Longboard bearing rust, debris and water guard By:Pratiksha Rakhe A modifiable laptop table with table top and stand. Can be attached with nut, bolts and hinges. Savings - $40 (~80% savings)


Digital Photo Free Design/Link to Libre3D Commercial equivalent/Cost Approximate Savings in US$
Hockey helper.JPG Hockey Helper [77]-Always unavailable but is $10.95 $9.98
1UPIncenseHolder.JPG 1UP Incense / Candle Holder [78], Closest commercial equivalent -$8.99 $6.92
Arduino Wall Mount.JPG Arduino Home Device Wall Mount [79], Closest commercial equivalent is an enclosure - $4.50 $2.91
SplinedBottomBracketTool.JPG Splined Bottom Bracket Tool Park Tool bike tools BBT-32C bottom bracket key - $10.76 $0.42
TP pic.jpg Toilet Paper Holder [80] - $4.99 $4.00
Mens Restroom Sign.jpg Libre3D Men's Restroom Sign Restroom Signs - Pair=$364.00

-->Individual (1/2 Pair)=$182.00

Four point probe.jpg Open-Source Four Point Probe (OS-4PP) [81], $7300 $1700
Tool for hunting.JPG Open-Source Hunting Tool [82], $7.89 $7.20
Oven sheath.jpeg Spatula Sheath [83], $9.95 $9.15
Pumpclip.JPG Insulin Pump Clip Connector [84], $19.95 $19.90
Custom T-Shirt.jpeg 3D Printed Custom T-Shirt [85],$5.99 to $24.99 $5.71 to 24.71
Repetier z Probing.png MOST DELTA Auto Bed Leveling This Project does not save money but time. The average time it takes for someone to level their bed takes approximately 2 to 4 hours. After the bed levelling system is set up it takes approximately 5 minutes to have the bed levelled.
MTUDivotRemovalTool.JPG Michigan Tech Divot Removal Tool Callaway Divot Removal Tool - I have found custom divot tools like this sell between $2.75 and $20.00 (depending on who the market is being sold to). $2.63 to $19.87
Batman's Equipment.JPG [[86]|Batman's Equipment] [87], 259.00

[88], 25.00 for each, 4 in total [89], 13.99 [90], 11.99

IceScraper.jpg Ice Scraper [91],$6.40 to $15.00 $6.00 to 14.60
3dsstand.jpg Nintendo 3DS XL Stand Commercial 3DS Stand - $12.95 $11.11
Guitar Tone Knob.jpg Guitar Tone Knobs [92]$7.29 for tone knob set $7.00
WCL.jpg Winter Carnival Letters and Punctuation [93] $11.60 for Paraffin Wax

[94] $9.96 for 64 Pack Crayons

Estimated $100 savings over their predicted 10-15 year lifespan.
Arctic Cat Intake.JPG 3D Printed Snomobile Air Intake Commercial product,$69.99 $67
PB 4.JPG Powder Baskets Commercial Baskets,$21.95 $20
Vinyl Stand.PNG Individual Vinyl Record Stand There are no/very few commercially equivalent products. Approximate cost for a product such as this would be $5 - $12. $4.20 - $11.20
Twfuller ginger grater.jpg Ginger Grating Plate Various commercial offerings for as much as $12-15 ~$10
IMG 20141210 160108.jpg Open-Source ORV Light Replacement of rotting case varies from $25-$100 depending on original lamp. ~$20-$95
FullSizeRender (1).jpeg Snowboard binding degree plate Commercial product, $10-$20 ~$8.22-$18.22
Lwilderbig$.jpg Sink Adapter N/A, no commercial equivalent available No burned or frozen hands
Soccer shin guard.jpg Soccer Shin Guard [95], $19 $17.68
Dock MotoG2.jpg Moto G2 Dock. Made by [[96]] No actual Commercial equivalent available. Closest is this, but only half of mine. $5-6. ~$4-5.
Parametric Sax Mouthpiece.jpg [97] Parametric Saxophone Mouthpiece [98], $35, There are a few .stl files for alto and tenor saxophone, but none with parametric code. This allows quick modification of dimensions for different saxophones, as well as for changing the tone the instrument produces. $34
Wimms.jpg Custom Case A blank case like this This has no holes drilled. Custom ordering requires time and money. ~$5-$200+
Propeller.JPG Customizable Propellers Normally costs $1 per propeller. ~$0.95
Tattoo gun.jpg [99] Tattoo Gun Normally between 70-400 [100] ~$67-397
IMG 2040.JPG [101] wine glass hanger [102],$100-$189 $94.30-$183.3
Aircraftframe.png [103] Aircraft model frame [104],Commercial equivalence depends on size and should be more than $10 ~$7
Crochet.png Crochet Hook Holder for Single-Handed Crocheting No commercial version currently exists but generic work holders cost about $20 on amazon. $7
TabletStand.jpg Tablet Stand and bluetooth keyboard Many commercial versions exists like this one, but tend to be design for a specific tablet. $19.34-$59.34
ChristmasTreeStand.JPG Christmas Tree Stand [105], $22.99 $19.08 (base is made from a recycled shipping pallet)
Printiverse.png Printiverse [106], Expen$ive $Cheaper (The cost of a printer?)
Tiered stand.jpg Tiered Jewelry Stand [107] $20 $18.15
Bread Slicing Guide.jpg Bread Slicing Guide [108], $57.99 $56.56 (base is made from a scrap hardwood board)
MTU DESK1.png [109] MTU Desk Accessory [110] $23.99 $23.6
Prop front shane.jpg [111] Trolling Motor Replacement Prop Minnkota replacement prop[112] $39.99 $32.49
Yoke Cover.jpg [113] Airplane Yoke Cover Full Yoke $150. Cover costs $0.33
Physical-Photoresistor-Regulating-Device.JPG Physical Photoresistor Regulating Device New Light: $80+. Plastic Cost: <$0.75
Fairlead1s.PNG [114] Hawse fairlead for snowboard winch Fairlead $1.80 Cover costs $0.86
Heliostat Pankaj.jpg Heliostat for tracking sun! Heliostat $60-$80 $30-$50