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Problem[edit | edit source]

Surgical masks often have a simple design in which the fit is not good. The lack of fit allows aerosols to leak in and out, which reduces their effectiveness. In addition, moisture fogs up the goggles, which is annoying to say the least.

Background[edit | edit source]

Therefore, the initiative Fix The Mask designed an add-on to improve the fit. On that website there is an opensource design (link).

In this case, the ear saver concept, invented and popularized by the maker movement during the first waves of Covid, is also used, generally using 3D printing.

Design[edit | edit source]

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    Elements to make a homemade mask adjuster. Photograph by Esther Cuadrado for LibresDeCovid and Aireamos.
  • Elements needed: 3 rings of elastic, and an ear saver. The ear saver could be made from recycled bottle plastic.
  • Homemade mask adjuster in place. Photograph by Esther Cuadrado for LibresDeCovid and Aireamos.
    Adjuster in place: it is placed on the outside of the mask, surrounding the mouth and nose, and then tightening towards the ear flap, with sufficient tension until leakage is reduced.

Other designs[edit | edit source]

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