• An old-time wood finish (suitable for gun stocks and wood tool handles as well) is made from gently melting equal parts of Bees wax, Turpentine and Linseed oil. Once mixed, pour into a jar and let cool. The resulting paste works well to preserve and weather-proof wood. It requires much less work than a true linseed finish, and looks just as good. I have been using this mixture for a number of years... passed on to me by Dick Culver, who describes it as "a personal favorite that combines the traditional hand rubbed linseed oil finish with the weather proof qualities of the polymer finishes and looks like you spent your whole life working on the stock." He goes on to say that "the paste that makes a great (military style) finish that looks like it took a million years to apply. Repairs easily, even in the field. Got this one from an old gent at Perry back in the Mid-50s who looked like he had personally used it on his issued Trapdoor Springfield."

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