Window coverings are material used to cover a window to manage sunlight (=provider of lightning and heat), to provide additional weatherproofing, to ensure privacy or for purely decorative purposes.

Types[edit | edit source]

Several types of window coverings exist:

The exterior shutters are the best type in regards to safety and sunlight control. This as

  • They protect the windows, which (if made from glass) are very fragile
  • They do not allow any sunlight to enter the room (=everything just behind the glass), hence they will reduce heat buildup a lot more than interior window coverings such as curtains, windowblinds, ...

Roller shutters can be made the most secure, and can even be made so that they form a barrier with no spaces in between. Exterior shutters do have spaces in between (fixed) and generally rotate open (ie french shutters) or can slide open sideways (ie french shutters mounted on a rail)

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