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Why (and how) to use Identica as well as Twitter

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With Identica you have:

  • Access to all past posts (unlike Twitter).
  • A geekier community that's passionate about open source and open content.
  • An open source platform, meaning you have important freedoms.
  • Advanced features:
    • Sophisticated groups and tagging, meaning your question gets more attention from the section of the community that can help you, or that is interested in what you're saying.
    • Conversation threading - view conversations between multiple people, on one page, by clicking "context".
    • A filtered personal timeline by tags, e.g. @Appropedia's posts tagged as Linux or International Development.
  • A dead easy way to set Identica up, to send your posts automatically to Twitter, so you reach both communities.
    • When logged into Identica, click "Connect" in the top right, and select the Twitter tab.
    • Then just post on Identica, but check your replies on both sites. (Is there a client that collates replies from both sites? Yes, Gwibber does it in a single consolidated timeline, shows one entry if same dent appears in both services) Tip - you don't have to check Identica as often, except when you ask a geeky question. Identica has a very geeky, intelligent user community.
  • Ways of automatically posting from your RSS feed to Identica:

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