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Appropedia is a stunning achievement! Well done. I also checked out the Whole Earth Catalogue, last edition 1968 (so no competition there), subtitle 'Access to tools', edited by Stewart Brand et al, inspired by Buckmaster Fuller. My memories were rekindled - see It is also available online, Goggle for that.

I like the clean design, presentation and accessibility of Appropedia (cf Whole Earth Catalogue, even in 1968!). As we discussed, I think there is a need for constructive comment/critique of many appropriate technologies, pointing out quality, climatic and cultural constraints etc (eg solar cookers and biogas converters).

Having looked around I also think that there is an important need for more comment on policy and related issues - with a background in engineering, S&T policy and innovation, the main tub I've been thumping over the last few years (eg as illustrated in the UNESCO Engineering Report) is the need to get appropriate technology on the the policy and development agendas. Policy makers, decision takers and the development community need to be more aware of the important role of technology in development, otherwise little will change. Appropedia could be an important agent in this.

Read more from — Tony MarjoramW, editor of the UNESCO Engineering Report