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  1. To Help workers Become accustomed to saving regularly due To their Retirement the minimal amounts that companies and their employees must pay within their automatic enrolment plan is known as retirement
  2. Green New Deal
  3. Reforestation
  4. Zane Wall Garden
  5. Apiary design for a forest garden
  6. Rainwater Catchment-Solar Pump System/OM
  7. Abaxial
  8. Open press project
  9. CCAT rainwater catchment solar pump system/OM
  10. Jane's Walk

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  1. Nutrition
  2. Bacteria‏‎
  3. Human development
  4. Environmental science
  5. Open sustainability
  6. New Urbanism‏‎
  7. Building management systems
  8. Science‏‎
  9. Microgeneration
  10. Environmental design

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