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Web-based Water Information Resources[edit | edit source]

This page contains a collection of links to apparently useful resources that need to be mined for interesting content. Once a site has been mined, fully or partially, or found not to be interesting, please update the associated comment.

We admit this is a list (as are other internet resource pages), something generally discouraged in wikis. But it's a transitory list intended for content development. Better to keep it here than to maintain the list elsewhere.

  1. IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre
    1. Source Water and Sanitation News Service from IRC
  2. Water for People
  3. International Water Management Institute (IWMI) - a non-profit funded by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR); appears to have a bias toward agriculture.
  4. LifeWater Canada
    1. Tech manuals from LifeWater Canada
  5. LifeWater International Tech Library. Some of the links in this resource are dead ends. Other links apparently lead to the same content, so you can get there if you're patient.
  6. H2O Project, an umbrella org supporting other charitable orgs, including, apparently, LifeWater and Water for People
  7. Environmental Health Publications

Let's try to keep the list of unmined sites at 10 or less. Getting above that means it is time to invest in mining instead of finding resources. Nevertheless, if you have a great resource, please add it to the list.