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Very nice beginning - minor improvement - hyperlink key words in appropedia. Major point - consider quantifying both improvements in section 7 with worked examples. -- Joshua 15:18, 19 November 2008 (UTC)

Hi Jasmine,

Interesting report, and well done on the oral presentation this morning as well! I made a few minor changes, reworded a sentence or two, added some links, and some small grammar changes. After going through your article I have a couple comments and suggestions for you.

  • Since your figure captions have numbers (i.e. Fig. 1), I would either reference these figures in the text, or remove the figure numbers from the caption if you want to keep the images general.
  • In the background theory, you talked about how the properties of the film change depending on the alignment of the polymers. Could you explain what type of properties are altered by the different directions? As well, in the background, I found myself wondering how frequently used this technique is in industry. Is this a new technology or commonly used?
  • The process is explained well and the diagram was very helpful.
  • In terms of advantages and disadvantages, some more content might be desired. Such as, it says that blown film has a less effective cooling process, but does not explain more on this, quantify it, or have a citation.
  • In the common problems section, the last line talks about gels stuck on the line. I wasn't sure what a gel was, or why this would be a problem. You might want to have citations here as well.
  • The optimization section needs more information. More detail on what coextrusion is, the quantifiable benefits, and if it is commonly used would be helpful.

I know my comments are pretty specific, but in general the article is very good. As Dr. Pearce said above, quantifiable results would be very helpful. I think this technology is fairly well established, you might be able to find some comparative articles detailing the efficiencies and hard data on the differences between the blown film extrusion and other techniques. You might also want to expand on the possible problems, and report how they might be fixed or have the risks/consequences reduced. Hope you find some useful comments here.

--S.Keating 04:01, 21 November 2008 (UTC) (Ctrl-click)">[[S.Keating 04:01, 21 November 2008 (UTC)]]