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Pirate Party UK - Defence Policy Working Group[edit]


Vinay Gupta[edit]

Basically a disaster relief guy who got dragged sideways into defence-related matters via state failure. Based in London, 40, muchly addicted to the twitter, best known for the hexayurt refugee shelter.

Justin Pickard[edit]

Writer, researcher, and futurist. Undergraduate degree in International Relations and Anthropology. Particularly interested in superempowerment, asymmetric warfare, and non-state actors. Based in Sussex, mid-20s, troubled Green Party member with pirate sympathies.

James Hester[edit]

Historian specializing in arms and armour, military history, and manuals of combat and strategy. Recently began an effort to encourage the use of history to better understand current events and to forecast future trends.

Phil Hunt[edit]

Programmer and entrepreneur based in Edinburgh. A founding member of PPUK, I've been interested in Pirate issues since the 1990s. I don't have any direct military experience except for a short time in the officer training corps when I was at university, but I've always had an interest in defence policy and military history.

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