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Yo! I'm Safzie, and a warm welcome to my user page. I am an astronomer, philosopher, amateur stargazer and a science-factual writer. I have written a book about astronomy called Stargazing For Beginners. It is the practical guide to astronomy.

I decided to join Appropedia on the 20 April 2019. I am interested in joining this Eco-friendly community and to help make a huge difference. I'm an animal lover. I also love the environment. I love to recycle and to exercise regularly. I am a vegetarian and I have a good healthy balance diet. I also love to persuade people to help the wider community, by helping to tackle against global warming, climate change, natural disasters and endangered species from dying out forever. I'm passionate about making a huge difference, as well as here. I will encourage others to join this fantastic, friendly project. User:Lonny is such a genius! Appropedia is a cool and an awesome wiki to do with sustainability, and I'm glad that I am on board with this amazing roller coaster ride. If you would like to leave me a message, regarding to any questions, comments, enquiries, suggestions, debates and/or feedback, feel free to leave me those messages via my talk page.