Urban, city, or town planning is the discipline of planning which explores several aspects of the built and social environments of municipalities and communities:

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A[edit | edit source]

Ancient Chinese urban planning - American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) - American Planning Association - Athens Charter

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C[edit | edit source]

Concentric zone model - Coving (urban planning) - Crime prevention through environmental design

D[edit | edit source]

E[edit | edit source]

eGovernment - Environmental design - Environmental planning

F[edit | edit source]

Floor Area Ratio

G[edit | edit source]

Garden city movement - Geographic information system (GIS) - Grid plan

H[edit | edit source]


I[edit | edit source]

International Society of City and Regional Planners

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K[edit | edit source]

L[edit | edit source]

Land use conflict - Land use planning - Landscape architecture - Linear city

M[edit | edit source]

Manhattanization - Manual for Streets (in the UK) - Metropolitan planning organization

N[edit | edit source]

New Pedestrianism - New town - New urbanism

O[edit | edit source]

Online land planning

P[edit | edit source]

Planning Institute Australia - Prague Institute - Principles of Intelligent Urbanism - Public open space

Q[edit | edit source]

R[edit | edit source]

Radical planning - Regional Planning - Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse - Royal Town Planning Institute

S[edit | edit source]

Setback - SimCity - Smart growth - Spatial planning

T[edit | edit source]

Terminating vista - Town and Country Planning Association - Town and Country Planning in the United Kingdom - Transit Oriented Development - Transportation Planning

U[edit | edit source]

Unitary urbanism - United States metropolitan area - Urban design - Urban Land Institute - Urban planning in China - Urban planning in communist countries - Urban planning in the European Union - Urban planning in Singapore - Urban Planning Society of China - Urban renewal - Urban sprawl - Urban village - Urbanized area - Urbanomics

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W[edit | edit source]

World Cities Summit - World's most livable cities

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