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Our Empowerment Technologies teacher has instructed us to produce an article on this website to help facilitate and collaborate on the creation of Appropedia. Based on my current experience, I was very unfamiliar with this page, and I'm glad our teacher tasked us to do it. This type of website is truly significant, especially during this time where we currently in a distance learning, because it provides relevant information, shares valuable educational resources, and access to different knowledge on various topics  that is why I have the full intent to support and encourage this platform to be more accessible and available to other students.

This site is user friendly and for that reason I am encouraging other people, young ones or adult, to join us in building this website together. Sharing it to their friends, colleagues, classmates or even family members will be a huge help with the development and progression of this page. I guarantee that this platform will be a good time investment, and it will be unforgettable in the long term. Wouldn't it be fun to remember the memories of working collaboratively together for a greater cause? So lend and hand and share some of your knowledge, learning experiences, and information by creating an account and posting articles in this platform.