Here's how to make your community government.

Make a balance of power between 4 branches. These will check and balance each other. (Feel free to re-name these terms if you don't want to be associated with your failed nation-state.)

  • Executive: Term lengths starts at 1wk and doubles everytime the executive is re-elected on a positive fractional ballot (no "NO" votes are allowed). Must approve of any "bills" by Legislative. Appoints one judge, if slot is available, per consecutive term after they've served their initial term (prevents newbies from putting in a judge for life).
  • Community Council: direct democracy of anyone who shows up (quorum of only two people required). Majority vote passes a bill and gives it to the Executive to approve.
  • Judicial: number of Judges set by majority vote by Legislative (quorum equal to size of present Judicial Branch). They get to set the government to community ratio, not the number of judges. A starting ratio of 1 judge per 50 community members might be good, if your community is mature. Can stay for as long as they wish or until ratio is lowered and they are voted out. Judicial members should be available to community at any time as advisors.
  • Press: your local billet that lets everyone know what awesome things you're doing!!

You can pay for your government with a small income tax in your local currency. Executive gets paid an agreed upon amount set by the Legislative.

Consider incorporating your city to be recognized by the outer world and receive postal mail. You probably just have to appoint a "postmaster" who's willing to receive the local community mail. Even get your own zip code. Outgoing mail might be more involved.

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